Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Legion will slaughter


Wait till you go up against fully upgraded Highlander Ronins on closed maps. The only way for them to not be an issue is to not let them gain their core.


That’s going to be insane. The game will turn into kill the Ronin.


And don’t forget the soy sauce (making Titan sushi wink wink) !

The main reasons they are gonna be a bitch to take down are because them blocking fills up their meter, them hitting you under the effects of sword core gives them shield and if they happen to have 3 dashes, good luck catching them.


Never thought I’d go and whine about teammates, but last game was just so fucking bad! Two Legions and a Scorch, the latter had taken the role of roamer upon himself, and all of them used auto-titans! We almost lost the Harvester on wave 2, and considering that there was only one retry left when I joined…

Normally I try to see what I could have done better, but this time I am unwilling to accept responsibility.


I know. Last night I lost 3 matches on Homestead in a row because half my team had auto-Titans AND ONE OF THEM WAS A RONIN.

So instead of wiping the floor with the AI on the easiest map in the game and headbanging like this

I started headbanging like this


You won’t believe the game I had a few days ago, I was a monarch with a scorch, legion and NS on the team in hard mode on Wargames.

We kept getting shredded by reapers on the right and getting horded on our flanks because the three of them decide to camp on the left lane.

The legion was complaining the whole time about how we kept getting flanked and horded from the right, and the entire match I kept asking for the Scorch or the NS to go to the right and deal with the reapers on the roof. Because Monarch can’t kill them effectively up there without getting shredded by ticks or the reapers titans coming in, before she kills even one of them.

Scorch could’ve easily thrown a gas canister or thermite up there, NS could’ve easily fly and one shot the little fucks. Hell even legion could’ve power shot them.

Three rounds it went like this until we failed, I would’ve just drop out the first two times it happened if it wasn’t for the damn merit.

Worst game I’ve ever played.


Is it just me, or does trying to stay alive as Ronin actually hamper your ability to do damage?


From what I’ve been told yes.


Unless you have him at Aegis Rank 20 and you are running Highlander. Once you get your core, Titans are easy prey for you.


You have to be extremely careful with your reloads (reload while shifting) and always hit from behind. The moment you start meleeing and not using your Leadwall, you are done. The main reason for that is because AI Titans get EXTREMELY punchy in harder modes. Especially Ions but I also got punched by a Scorch WHILE IT STILL HAD ITS’ INFERNO SHIELD UP.

Also, in contrast to what you might use in MP, Ronin needs overcore in order to get 100% offense and defense. Keep your distance, shotgun em and poke em with Arc Wave. Do not use Ronin on open maps until you learn to stay alive.

Like SnakeSound222 above me said, once you get your core, you will be unstoppable. Just be careful not to get hit a lot getting there.


patch notes bois!

No PvP changes it seems, bummer always like them but at least we’re getting some PvE buffs. :sunny:


All 3 of the new maps are Ronin and Scorch maps.

AAAAAARGH, I gotta dl this tomorrow and I have 2 shifts !


50% extra damage to weakpoints in FD with Monarch now? Nice. I have her at Aegis Rank 23.

Also will we also be able to equip regular warpaints on Prime Titans? And will we get a 2XP week or maybe a Double Aegis XP week?


EVERYTHING IS LIVE BOIS! Time to get REKT by Legion.


I’m dead inside.


Bwahaha console master race 4 life boi

Have you tried turning off your PC and then opening the game?


So Aegis TitanBrawl is pretty cool when I’m not waiting 5 minutes to find a game.

This feels like what scorch should have always been lol

I don’t have any other titan leveled up yet so I cant comment on them.


I’ve got a mid level Tone that I tried AegisBrawl with. IMO not as good as some of the other titans, especially Ronin. Ronin can just wreck face and shrug off tons of damage. Still it is pretty cool being able to much around with your Aegis upgrades regardless of balance.


Because of the three shots, Scorch’s core meter builds insanely fast. 6 shots or so can get you there with some firewall inbetween.