Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Nuke titans scare me the least out of all of them. Stupid shocky ronins get me though.


Anyone else feel like most of Frothy’s videos of late lean a bit too much on the interests of the pros and that he cares less about the rest ?


It’s fair to point out that while he may share similar views these are not his exact thoughts.
He does share a lot of legitimate points though, how much we seen in a Titanfall3 idk


To be fair Frothy just narrated that video, he doesn’t believe all of those things.

I do know Frothy thinks cores are inbalanced and maps could use some work, everything else I don’t know his stance.


He has some similarities but he hasn’t said any specifics.


These are not his opinions, I know but most of his vids as of late seem to be centered around players with A LOT of free time.


Damn Northstar and Ronin are amazing on Frontier Defense O.O they are very great to kill the Mortar Titans very fast


Titanfall 3 needs to be multi-platform like 2 was. It and TF2 should also get a Switch release.

Also is anyone finding multiple teams with crappy players on FD on Hard difficulty? Had one game with everyone wearing the Frontier Warpaints and because they abandoned me at the Harvester, we lost the game and the Aegis XP bonus. One of them came back to try and help me, but it was too late. The other two were off at the northwest corner of the map doing who knows what. Probably trying to double team the enemies there, totally ignoring the Harvester. I should’ve sent them a message or something. I’m pretty sure they would’ve either not responded, said “IDC lol screw the Harvester”, or tried to cuss me out and say they are pro players though.


I know, I can’t wait to play this weekend and get the final upgrade for Ronin, I will be dashing around the map like nobody’s business. What does NS final Aegis upgrade give you ?

Which map ?


Wow there was a shit storm surrounding the video. Its understandable but often times it just felt like they were just asking for TF3 to be a carbon copy of TF1, without the consideration of why some of the changes happen and how it was done so that the game would have actual players to play with.

Frothy can run people off the wrong way sometimes , the subreddit has mostly turned on him. I have my issues with him but I have too much respect for him with my experience with him in the first game and the tournaments I was in with him.

The original open letter is in the competitive facebook group as well, reading the demands feel a lot less incendiary than having Frothy narrate it.


Haha I’ve only started getting Ronin to rank 5. Trying to get him so I can play on hard and maybe masters.


This is what I felt the video was complaining about. I was amazed at how they were against basically every innovation from TF2


Just for fun, if you could give the titans alternate weapons, which would those be? Preferably something that while changing game-play still plays to their theme.


A Flamethrower for Scorch :stuck_out_tongue:


Ronin could have an electric crossbow


A hammer like in Titanfall: Assault (the new mobile game).


Black Water Canal and Homestead. It might be happening with other maps too.


If i would make a idea of a new Titan i want to have a Titan whit a Chainsaw. Jiust because of my fav. Horror Movie Killer :stuck_out_tongue:


Cant find a picture but Full Metal Panic’s mechs have chainsaw combat knives.


A railgun (like Cabot’s) for a northstar chassis.