Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


LMAO I hope T:Online gets a world release.


It’s all you can ever dream of!


Playing FD on Hard is fun. Playing FD on Hard with two noobs who probably just got their Titans to Aegis rank 5 is the exact opposite.


Finally beat FD Wargames on hard. Seriously though, that map is such a difficulty jump from the others.


So many different locations, and so many mortar Titans


Yeah the Mortar Titans and Reapers are the most annoying thing on the Map


Even on regular, War Games is hard. Insane mode must like a walk through hell.


Ok, so. Verdict on FD after spending 2 days with it.

Everything I thought I knew about the synergy between map and titan got tossed out of the window playing this mode. The Aegis Ranks change the flow of every game and how you approach it and also give you a reason to keep playing. The difference at least on Regular that the upgrades bring is huge. Overall, pretty good.

But. Because I have been down this road before, I can also say that the mode creates a weird ‘normal-abnormal’ balance through the upgrades. What I mean by this is that the upgrades might make a huge difference in regular and easy but in anything beyond that, with some exceptions, I don’t know if pilots will have the edge over the AI. In other words, the upgrades are what will make the later modes playable and make it a fair fight. Which is fine, having every titan being able to steamroll everything is lame but there are some maps like War Games that due to the way they are structured, higher difficulties will make it so that the upgrades make little difference.

That’s what I believe anyway. Until then, I am gonna be all over this every weekend. Love the mode and it will be my main jam for the future.


Opening a store eh? That’s pretty cool actually.


Woo. Just got called trash repeatedly. I hurt like shit tonight so I obviously wasn’t going to play well but I felt like getting a few games in.

Got like 8 kills in attrition and hardly no minion kills so I came in last easily. Had fun though. Then received a wave of messages saying that I’m shittiest player they ever met.

Like dude… I’m just happy I could still see the screen.


Wow congrats on that mate. :smiley:


Thanks ! Just got out of my first 24 hour shift, pretty brutal in the summer :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you sellin?



I’m assuming something legal but who knows. :man_shrugging:


I am selling medicine and guns big enough to hunt elephants.


can I buy big guns that shoot medicine at elephants?


Sure thing. Bullets sold separately, though.


I am so happy that I finally can have the same Black skin with my NS. :joy:


I was just in a fd game with bunch of airheads, in hard diffculty. Monarch and ronin were hold down a lane together when all we needed was for them to each take one with the mortars, while scorch holds the middle and I support in the middle on the harvester =-=


I cannot wait for Complex FD. Scorch is already a beast on that map. That being said, Nuke Titans in such tight quarters will be bonkers.