Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


It’s still really annoying though. Does embarking make you and your Titan invincible during the animation, like terminations do? I had two of them go off near the Harvester, but not close enough to damage it. Then I had two others detonate close enough to the Harvester when it was around 50 or 60% percent health. I asked Monarch if I was dreaming. She did not reply. I was like “Ah, crap” when they blew up.


Nope. If you time it right you can avoid certain attacks by jumping out but your titan will still take full damage.


Darn. I guess I’ll have to set my Auto-Titan to guard mode, Nuke Rodeo a Titan, and then activate Stim so I can get back to my Titan.


Now I have noticed that my scorch has been pretty smart about using the “get out of the way technique.”

Even with him set to follow he hasn’t been even hit by a nuke titan.


So basically he’s like “And it’s going off now. Nope. Nope. Follow me, Pilot.” walks away. I didn’t think the Auto-Titan could do that.


Yeah, I was really surprised he could too. I didn’t it once without thinking about it and then I started testing it. He hasn’t even taken any damage from any.


Ok. Respawn. Reapers. Ticks. Nerf. Please.

Reapers are worse than Titans. You can be in the middle of fighting a Titan and then be bombarded by plasma blasts and way too many Ticks. It’s way too much all at once. Heck, Reapers can spin around your attacks so easily too. They should only be able to do that once or twice or have a long delay between dodges. They should only be able to launch two to three ticks or the ticks should have their damage reduced severely against the Titans and Harvester. Then either the damage of the melee attack and the blasts/their total health should be decreased. Or maybe even delete Reapers from FD! I’d rather fight 30 Nuke Titans that the Reapers! The only reason I’ll still play is for the XP I get from a single FD game. Otherwise I’d go back to Titan Brawl 24/7.

Also, why does the map selection love War Games so much? I’ve played on it more than any other map in FD.


Funnily enough some people haven’t been able to play on War Games for FD.


Really? I haven’t played on Rise or Kodai yet.


I think I’ve played all four maps now.


There’s five. Rise, Blackwater Canal, War Games, Kodai, and Homestead.


In that case yeah I’ve played on all the maps. It seems Wargames is the hardest one.

NS with piercing rounds is so good. On most of the maps. In Backwater just set up shop in the middle and watch as you go through five titans with one round.


I’ve like only played on Rise


I’ve played all 5 but Rise is the one I’ve gotten the most by a long shot.


Is anyone else not getting advocate gifts from getting more Aegis Ranks? On PS4 I haven’t gotten any yet. My inbox says that there isn’t anything in there.


Its currently bugged and will be rewarded to you in the next patch.


So we’ll get them all at once? Nice.


I have found no man but a machine.


Do you get any merits/Aegis XP for winning a round of FD with the Harvester unscathed? I did that today and I didn’t get anything extra. The shields did drop though, so maybe the shields aren’t allowed to drop to grant me the extra merits and Aegis XP.


I am so pissed at myself, I haven’t gotten around to playing FD because of opening my own store.

And it’s really good from what I hear. Double bugger.