Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


It shouldn’t, difficulty should only go up if you select a higher difficulty. Are you searching for multiple difficulties?


They need to hurry up then.


I’m trying :sob:


Are you on PS4?


He’s on XB1 and PC. If I could decide whether to rank up Monarch or Legion (Leaning toward Monarch since I’ve heard she can have seven health bars with Superior Chassis active and start out with a random Tier 1 Core ability, which seems godly, but Legion has all of his kits active at the same time at Rank 20, which is also godly. Plus I’ve gotten multiple steaks that have me get at least 8 Titan kills and die less than 3 times with Monarch so I feel like I’m better with her than any other Titan) first maybe I could join you. It’d be insane with only us two though.


Anyone on pc join up and we can play together. Origin is being an ass and I’ve been forced to download the game in safemode. :sob:


Dang that’s an early happy hour.


I’ve been playing Scorch. Having multiple shots per reload is way too good to pass up, especially with the new direct hit damage increase on Wildfire Launcher.


Legion, Monarch and Scorch seem to be the strongest in Frontier Defense. I don’t play Legion that often but I want to level him up so I can get that final Aegis ranking perk.


Dude that last upgrade is all kinds of insane. I had to read it multiple times to make sure I wasn’t imaging things. You’ll get an extra 40 rounds, a 20 second Smart Core, a stronger Gun Shield, the ability to move faster with your cannon spun up, AND two Power Shot charges all at the same time. Man imagine if this was enabled in MP! That would be all sorts of broken.


That’s my current build for Frontier Defense, it’s so good especially with the core multiplyer


Just did a half round of the insane difficulty… Freaking grunts wiped out our harvester round one. Jeeezzzz they weren’t kidding.

I’m going to need a team with a battle plan and mics.


Scorch loves Frontier Defense, Scorch loves Rise, Scorch loves Frontier Defense on Rise, Scorch want to burn more Titans at Frontier Defense on Rise


Had a guy send me a message like 30 minutes ago saying “How the hell are you doing so much damage?”

Oh poor child. I’m just Scorch and Thunderbolt master race.

BTW: Hit the rank that gives me triple shots with thermite launcher. Scorch OP.


Does Legion sound as OP as his final unllock says he is in FD?


Short answer: Yes



How are people getting to those Aegis ranks so bloody fast?

Also, Highlander Ronin just gets ridiculously strong against the nuke titans, despite, or even because of the delay to their deaths. And that last upgrade looks like it’ll make him a discount tank.


The grind babyyyy

Also those skins gift you extra aegis points


Rank 20 Ronin with Highlander is going to have near unlimited core. The Blademaster Aegis upgrade doubles the duration of Sword Core and Highlander extends it when you kill a Titan with it active. I wish there weren’t so many darn Nuke Titans on the final wave though! There’s like 30 of the buggers!


Nuclear rodeo takes care of those well.