Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


This fellow was also trying to snipe people with Scorch, if that’s any help to understanding the situation.


Dude. Seriously? Lol I would’ve died laughing if I ever saw that.


Just so everyone knows it seems that Frontier Defense is available right now for PS4 users in the EU, apparently by some mistake.


What time should it be out anyway? I loved the wave survival mode on Titanfall 1 so I’ll definitely play this one a lot too


Some time today, but I have no clue


Lucky Europeans. I checked for North America and it’s still not showing an update.

Is there another 2XP week with this update?


I got the update on PC for EU now, dunno how long it’s been waiting though


I got the update on PS4 NA.


Better ingredients, better pizza. Papa Scorch.


I can’t update the game lol, I get an error message when downloading (Error: -4:302).


Frontier Defense is a blast. Great addition to the game.


Frontier Defense is so awesome! I was getting a bunch of XP. I got my Monarch from G3.17 to like G4.5 in one game! I’m thinking someone had one of the pilot weapon warpaints though. Plus you get your Titan really fast, so it’s like total carnage. Also I barely noticed any difference with Power Shot after the Hidden Compartment nerf.

Scorch has three thermite rounds in FD, but they are Aegis Ranks. I’ve unlocked the first upgrade, which increases the capacity of the launcher to two rounds. Legion’s Rank 20 upgrade is godly. ALL of his kits activate! Yes, that’s right, you can have 140 rounds, 20 seconds of Smart Core, your Gun Shield blocking more damage, move faster with your cannon spun up, AND have two Power Shot charges at the same time! Monarch’s got ranks that have her electric smoke generate shields to you and your teammates, have her start out with a random Core 1 ability (at Rank 20, you can seriously start out with either Missile Racks, Arc Rounds, or the one that allows you to give shields to teammates. Hopefully there won’t be a chance of a duplicate. I wouldn’t want to start with Arc Rounds when I already have that equipped, unless it bypasses charging up my first core and starts charging my second core). Papa Scorch has an upgrade that either allows you to have two firewalls or three traps for cooking that pizza faster. The Titan warpaint pack looks really good right now.

I saw that both warpaint packs were on sale (pilot pack was 37% off, making it around $16 and Titan pack was 28% off, making it $18) and the Angel City pack, Colony pack, and Monarch’s Reign pack are all 35% off (they would be around $17 a piece). IDK when the sale ends though.


I have to wait until next Monday to play Frontier Defense.
Also I’ve heard the Wingman Elite now has 4 rounds, any confirmation on that?


You do? Why?

I haven’t used the Wingman Elite yet, so I can’t say anything.


Not able to get to my main computer. I’m in a place where I can only use my laptop which can only really run old games and 2D games.


@JedeOff There’s a free trial going on now, so if you haven’t bought the game yet you can play it now.

Guys, here’s all the Aegis ranks:

I’m glad these aren’t in MP. An Ion with 25% extra energy would be nuts.

Also the Prime Titan bundle is 33% off (it costs $13 now). Anyone know how long the sale lasts?

And where is the Double XP? Is it for all modes or just one?


I love Frontier Defense so much.

And FD on Rise with Scorch is probably one of the greatest experiences you could ever have.


Damn i really love that Update that Scorch buff is just perfect ( No more own Thermit damage finally ) and its so awesome to use Overcore and a Dash at the same Time O.O

And Frontier Defense its the best Mode ever added on the Game ( it reminds me of the Uprising Event in Overwatch ) Its so much fun, so much Action, u can Level up ur Titans and Weapons very fast and that 2 Guys on the Commentary are just Amazing i want them as a Faction for MP so bad xD


Cant find a single game on master difficulty. :frowning:
I just want to feel the hardness…

22 minutes and still waiting. Hopefully its just due to time of day.


Could also be not many people have unlocked it yet.


Does FD scale with Aegis rank in addition to actual difficulty? Because I feel like every match it get’s more difficult.