Titanfall 2 || Post Release Megathread


Sometimes. My criteria would be online, PS4, not too twitchy, at least some level of strategy involved.


I’d try Overwatch, it’s more comedic and involves strategy. If you’ve already done that then I don’t know, I’m trying to fill the Evolve void myself :joy:


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I haven’t tried Overwatch, and it’s the one i’m most interested in. It looks semi-twitchy, but at least there are different roles to play.


I love being the Tank or Support. You don’t have to worry about shooting (as much) since that isn’t your role. The defense role is also really tactical, so might want to try that.


There is already an overwatch thread


I know, I’m just talking about suggesting it to him. I’m not trying to make one.


I just hit Diamond!


i regennationed legion and my CAR smg, these paints are AMAZING


That moment when you realize Cooper is Abe and Blisk is Griffin


That moment when you realise you still don’t have money for the game.




Wait. I think I clicked on the wrong topic. My bad. That’s meant to be in the Overwatch thread! I won’t delete it though, it needs to stay, as a reminder of my stupidity.


Just finished the campaign, it was so much fun!!! :heart:

Edit: Although a little short. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was short, but insanely fun. Especially the last mission and the time travel one.


What difficultly did you play it on?


Regular and I still found it hard :open_mouth: ( maybe I suck)

Oh yes! That part was awesome!!


I want to play that mission as well. I got ideas of my own how to do that mission (when I eventually get to play it)


I went with the recommended difficulty, which I think was Hard. Was super fun!


I don’t like that you have to wait for the electric smoke to load, it forces you to get out of the titan when someone gets on top of you and that’s super annoying IMO :frowning: