Titanfall 2 hype!


I know it’s a long way away the hype is still real for me. I’m so pumped for this they are going to fix most of the mistakes that we’re in the first one. Is the hype still going to be there in titanfall 2 or is there going to no hype because the last one was a dud. ( I don’t think it was a dud but other people think it was) I was so into the first one, I played in competitive ctf which required so much communication which was surprising for fps.

Are you guys looking forward to the next titanfall or do you think it will fail?


Well I will get it I loved the first titanfall. It wasn’t a dud at all. I don’t know why people didn’t like the first titanfall it was a well made game.


I loved the first titanfall, but I was the only one on PC. So I gave up… The game itself was enjoyable if not lacking in customization, but well… You have to like playing with bots…


now that they are not bound to xbox only. they will show us what titanfall was meant to be…

i beleive the rumors that they were holding back in titanfall 1 because they did not want to be exclusive to xbox. now we will see a titanfall that is not restriced by last gen compatitibility, not retricted to one platform. and hopefully has the funds to create what they really wanted to do in the first place.

needless to say, i will have my eyes open and see what happens. it can go great. and it can go bad.


whoa whoa whoa whoa!!! there really is going to be a Titan Fall 2!!?


More customization more Titan chassis (flying Titan)! Single player canpaign and no mentally retarded bots.


Ya there is!!! LEGIT!!


Holy shit!!! Where have I been. So… wow, so I agree that the first is fantastic and well done… but a legit second one? This just made my afternoon. :slight_smile:


I wish I could use bots on Xbox


It doesn’t need a campaign. I actually liked the multiplayer campaign. But I would like to see changes to it. Even if they took a page out of evacuation’s playbook. For the winning team or something along those lines.


I will definitely be picking it up. For me there was no “hype” I knew what I was getting. Online only, no campaign, all of it.

Destiny to me was a hype machine and huge let down. We were promised so much more and we didn’t even get half of what was advertised.


I hate when people criticize titanfall, because it had one core problem- it was marketed as the next CoD. It was advertised as if it was the shooter of the future, instead of its own game. As a result, people went in focusing on shooting and twitch reactions rather than concentrating on their mobility and wallrunning.


I got it after it died lol on 360. I actually like it alot. fast paced. quick combat. The only thing that i didnt like was the 1 and done aspect of being with your titan. for the most part you get your titan once or twice at most per match. so summoning it in a not so good situation, or one that turns into one is very anger inducing.

Example: I scanned around to make sure no titans or ppl were nearby. i called it in. and before it landed, 2 titans come flying around the corner and one drops in from behind as im fighting them. i did not last very long lol.


I haven’t played titanfall yet, what’s the basic run through of it?


shoot, parkour, call a big ass titan. shoot some more.


Um its fast paced kinda like COD but deeper then that. Like double jumps, wall running and well titans. Nice and tight controls and movement, and titans are fun to control and can change the tide of battle. Its online only, and a lot of the team that made the game are guys who left COD after I think MW2.


I loved titanfall and I was good at it unlike CoD and halo but I was the only one of my friends who had an Xbox one so I got tired of playing alone now a few of my friends have Xbox ones but not titanfall lol


It should!


That’s just tragic.


I think everyone who likes fps should play titanfall it’s amazing!