Titanfall 2 has a Campaign, how I think this relates to Evolve and Rainbow 6 Siege


In a nutshell, Rainbow Six had seriously fun and high difficultly tutorial missions, called ‘Situations,’ (each with cool Tom Clancy-ish names) that together functioned as a pseudo-campaign (4-8 hours or something), with a fancy final mission. This did an awesome job at preparing players for R6’s multiplayer gameplay innovations. R6 has a skill-based character system similar to Evolve, and each situation taught you how to adapt to the playstyle of a different character.

So a campaign is a great way to educate players for multiplayer. (Rather than just being some annoying appendix concession to the ‘not worth $60 without a campaign’ crowd).

I really fucking hope TRS continue to make sophisticated multiplayer games, and that there is a years-long plan for Evolve. So the purpose of this post is to suggest a productive way to train new players up to the skill level required to get maximum fun from these sorts of games, while also fooling the value-for-money folks into believing you give a shit about their ‘campaign’s where the buck-value is’ point of view.


Titanfall, like Evolve, has an awesome sci fi setting and some great burgeoning lore, so a campaign is also great for getting that across to players, to get them more pumped up about the game.


Titanfall pretty much had to add a campaign because they tried to half ass it by throwing it into the multiplayer matches and a lot of people criticized them for it.

A campaign isn’t necessary to teach a player base how to play, I mean sure it helps but there are other alternatives to achieving that goal without dumping large amounts of time and money into making a campaign. Let’s not forget the fact that a good portion of people don’t bother with single-player in the first place so all that effort is wasted for that group and you’re back to square one.


No point in a campaign. Too expensive, takes away from the awesomeness that is the multiplayer. Solid, useful tutorials however? Yes, very much needed. Patch 9.0 should be helping out in this regard.


Something like Rainbow Six’s Situations is do-able. More as an extended intro to the characters than as a full blown campaign. But it wouldn’t be hard to add a bit of narrative garnish in the process.

There are a couple of story videos in the video gallery but I didn’t even notice them until I was 100 hours in. It’s a way of tying things together.


I’m not saying it’s do-able for Evolve (how would I know?) But for future reference R6 did a really good job with the situations / Article 5 mission.


If I had an option between :

1- Story mode with less efforts on multiplayer mode

2- multi-player highest efforts .

I would pick multi-player

Around half of the players I have met in call of duty multiplayer / zombies haven’t played the story mode . I am one of them

I play story mode for 1 reason

So I can end it to play multi-player . Most of the time , Story mode is heavy on my shoulder .


People do want the Single Player to justify paying the price tag.I mean if one game can give me multiplayer AND single player for 60$ why doesn’t yours?

But that doesn’t mean that if Evolve had a single player, more players would be playing right now.If the average on PC is 300 right now it would be no more than 500(If we are being generous).

Bottom line, yeah Evolve could use a SP but that wouldn’t change much


So only a 67% player increase by your estimates :wink: I think you’d notice that difference.

The only point I’m making is that a campaign could be used to sneakily improve the multiplayer, by getting new players comfortable with and accustomed to the skillsets of the characters they’re using. (While also appeasing the multiplayer-only-ain’t-value-for-money people, and getting people more into the setting).

With Evolve, for example, imagine a bigger ‘Assembling the Team’ sort of framework, where each (or a few) of the characters (Val, Maggie, Abe, etc) had their own mini-story missions, and at the end they meet Cabot and get a bit of scenario info (like a stripped back version of Mass Effect 2). Could use the existing maps (a la Rainbow Six), and the outcome would be more, say, first time Hank users who are reasonably comfortable with the idea of orbitals and shields, who don’t have to try and figure them out while being brutalized in baffling pandemonium.


A big thing for me to argue against it, is that it might not feasible size-wise. The game is already huge. It takes up more space on my PS4 than any other game does. Think about how much bigger it would be if a campaign was added.


That still is TOO low.500 players? left 4 dead 1 has 500. left 4 dead 2 has 10k. So yeah, 300 or 500 is still nothing. A game needs players.Even if there was 500 players right now game would still be practically dead.

But i can give you the improvement of MP but slightly for hunters.Mostly for monsters.


More training modes with various levels of strategy and difficulty is the simple answer. Teach people how to play each role, the fundamentals. And then also provide in depth training stages for each character.


Gives a chance for a story to be made and also gives a better context and/or reason to foght.
Also it helps justify the price tag.


Agree. Hate campaigns. Lot of the time repetitive levels and boring sequences that make me want to rip my hair out.