Tired... Oh so tired


Of the Op this or the Op that. What ever happened to learning how to adapt to strong characters and forming a new strategy to deal with them. I’ve been with this game since the alpha and the only time I’ve ever cried Op was with the original wraith. Other than that, I’ve felt that while some hunters/monsters have been powerful threw out the span of this game thus far, none have been that Op besides a few hiccups… (Yes I’m looking at you torvald). I just feel like we’re at this point where the community would rather sit on the forums and cry Op till said hunter/monster gets nerfed into oblivion than post about strategies on dealing with said hunter/monster. I just wish I saw more threads and discussions about the ins and outs of the game vs “I keep getting rekt by “x” ability so let’s bring out the nerf hammer”. I still love this game though and will always frequent the forums, I just sorta wanted to say my peice.


Let’s hug it out

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We actually have a topic like this:


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