Tired of waiting for skins


Can we pls get the monster gold and predator trapper skins in the PC store already? I received these skins on PS4 before switching to PC. Now my PS4 has died and I can’t use these rewards. I liked them so much that I’m willing to pay for them even though I shouldn’t have to. Contacted 2K and u can guess their response… “So sorry! Hands are tied!” I don’t get why these skins don’t carry over with the my2K account when we are required to be logged in to it while participating in these events… I feel like I’m being punished for buying this game on multiple platforms.

If someone with 2K or TRS happens upon this thread, please escalate?


Who ever said you could buy them?


Hasn’t been confirmed, but I thought it a safe assumption judging by the amount of paid DLC available in Evolve so far.

I love the game and own every skin including the two packs mentioned… just want them for PC now.


The monster gold skin is exclusive to TRS developers, but was given away early on for a period of time to thank the people who bought the game early on.

EDIT: Looks like you’re trying to get those skins back on a different platform?


Well the Gold skin is the Developer Skin. I doubt we’ll ever see those in the market.

The Trapper Predator Skin may make it in the market. I doubt it wouldn’t. But so far, none of the winnable skins have appeared in the store for any platform (I think, could be wrong).


Correct. These packs were the first two given away for weekend events but aren’t for sale yet. I think the luster of exclusivity has worn off by now and they can start making some money off of them.


Tried getting them transferred to PC but 2K refuses to comply.


I’d hate to say it, but “you’re going to have to contact 2K Support”.


I have and they won’t help. Even made me provide evidence that my PS4 was inop. They still refused.


Hm… let me try to get some people in here.



Daisy!! Where are the developers? Go find them!! :daisy:


MacMan and MrStrategio are generally the guys to call for gameplay things.

If you want to transfer skins from one platform to another I think- think- 2K Support can do it.


For people who already had the game on multiple platforms when those challenges went through did they get automatically credited across all areas if they played?

I think it’s one thing if you just buy the game on a secondary platform down the track that you don’t get awarded things from previous events, sucks when your console dies though. You can’t even unlink from the ps4 and see if linking to the pc would work then. Be interested to hear where it goes, good luck with it :slight_smile:


To your point: it doesn’t make sense why multi-plat participants wouldn’t just get rewarded across all systems. If you contribute as required and have paid for the game to do so, these skins should be linked to your my2K account. I know this isn’t the case and am rightfully annoyed about it. When I contacted 2K support, they saw the first two event skin packs linked to my Pos 4, made me provide email documentation that I had contacted Sony, and still did absolutely nothing for me.

My patience with 2K is wearing thin. I’ve filed several tickets with them since the release of Evolve and none have been resolved in my favor. They seem to be impotent and without a care for their customers. Purely my subjective opinion based on anecdotal evidence, but entirely frustrating nonetheless.

At this point, I just want them to put these packs in the store because I’m tired of working with 2K.

Thanks for the luck wish. I will need it.


I don’t think gold skins will be available to buy (personally I think that those particular skins shouldn’t ever be for sale, but that’s just me).


This seems like something for @Chloe or @DamJess


From what I understand, at this time we do not have plans to put Challenge skins in the store.

@Szavwa do you want to PM me your ticket # from 2K support and I’ll try to look into it for you?


What about the Sunny and Assault Predator skins that have been in the store since before the challenges were announced?


PC store? I don’t have those skins available :frowning: Maybe an xbox or ps4 exclusive?


Meaning that those we didnt get will show up again on a different challenge?