Tired Of People Complaining About DLC


I know what’s wrong with humanity.
We worry about the negatives and don’t look much into the positives.
I see threads being created day and night about that they hate the skins. They think they need to reskin the entire hunter. When I read the comments of reviews from IGN and Gamespot, all I see is people complaining about the DLC already planned.
I just want all of you to stop.
Just stop.
Skins are a donate button. It is a tiny little bonus for you to try something different and to support the devs. How often will people stop to look at your new skin when you are chasing after a monster or in the midle of a fight? It’s not really worth complaining about guys.
DLC haters, you all have been hurt by COD map packs that force you to buy them if you want to keep playing the game. Evolve gives you those same maps, slaps EA with them, and then gives them to you for free! Only thing that you need to pay for is monsters and hunters. And guess what. You may not like that certain monster/hunter. They don’t fit your playstyle so you don’t need to buy it. You can still play with friends who have the DLC. But you don’t need to buy it if you don’t want it.
DLC is the way to keep the game alive longer than it usually would. Even if you had the 4th monster in the game, it would die in the same amount of time it would have if only 3 monsters were in the game. Would you want the game delayed just for the 4th monster? (although 2K probably should have waited to show him off after release tbh)
So guys, is all of this worth complaining about. Is it worth your time to complain about simple skins? About optional DLC? You guys now what I call you kind of people?
You try to find something and cry about it. It’s not worth it. Talk about how much you enjoy or dislike the actual game. Don’t make an entire topic just for the freaking skins.


Irrelevant reply, but your name and pic are oddly relevant.


I think there should be a unifying hub for the DLC discussion. It’s overspammed.