Tired as FK


Does it have to be so fking hard to just get to play as a hunter at least once per evening. Just like yesterday I come home from working expecting to play some Cabot but nope, 3 different lobbys and 6 games later I’ve been forced to play as the monster every time, why does it put me in a game where only the monster is available for grabs? And why do I still get forced to play my fifth choice in the game after that? One of the times I was put in a game with only 2 players and it still makes me be the monster. Does the game also force anyone joining a game with 4 friends to play as the monster every single time no matter how many games you stay for? If not I just don’t get it. I love the game, it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages but it gets tedious and I’m just about ready to put it away for good.


Never had this problem TBH, but if you stay for the second match you should be just about guaranteed your role. If monster is what you’re avoiding you could always queue with a friend.


This seems really odd to me. If you are searching in the lobby you might get bumped into a game where there already was 4 hunters, so you’d become monster and might just continue to be if you stick with them. But if you already find 2 hunters to game with and you’re still put as monster? That’s a bit extreme when it’s set as your least preference. I’m not sure what to tell you other than get a few players together you know to run customs or to at least become a party leader with 3 other guys, all hunters, and search…and you should find a monster that way and NOT become one.


You’re more likely to get what hunter you want if you play in a party, but I have had the odd time where I party with 4 friends just to get 3 + empty slot vs. me as monster.

Pretty sure all of this is getting addressed in the first patch.


Some people have all the luck I have monster as my top slot and I rarely get it.


Play co-op, you are guaranteed to not be the monster and winning in co-op does count towards your global ranking.


Same… I look at the leaderboards and see top medics with like 250 wins and shit and I’m just like “shiiiiieeeeettttt… be nice if I could even get the medic 250 times” lol


The trick is to place monster at 5th slot, the preference system only looks at what you DO NOT want to play as and looks for those roles for you!


This is a built in troll program in the system, don’t worry just choose the monster as your first pick and support as your fifth


Don’t quit out, wait for the next match.


I always stay for at least one more game thinking I can’t possibly be forced to be the monster again but low and behold there’s that fking Goliath again, this is what I said in the very first post. It didn’t matter the last days. That’s why I asked if it could have something to do with the 4 other players possibly playing together in a party because if it is then that is total bs.


Seems like most people are quick to reply to defend the system instead if reading your post.

To anyone that says “just party up”, just stop with that line. Do you think that people playing solo just do it all the time for no reason? Most people are forced to play solo as they don’t have people to play with. Or maybe hey don’t like playing in parties. You should never try to expect someone to conform to a different play style when there is nothing wrong with the way hey are playing, but the problem is with the system.

Secondly, he said he gets forced into after the first match. He isn’t the type you see post on here that just up and quit every match they don’t get. Now, from what I’ve noticed in my experience is that the game will try and force a player into the monster position if it’s an AI player (and other hunters are in a group already). This means that if you are forced into the monster position and there are 1-2 slots open on the Hunter side, it’s most likely because you’re solo and they are grouped. This will stay this way (you being the monster) until another solo player comes in and you can begin the game’s rotation algorithm.

Finally, for my thoughts. I agree. The system is very flawed. I understand making it so every role is filled always (no group with 4 medics), but a game should never force a player out of their comfort zone like this. I HATE playing the monster because I enjoy the FPS aspect of the game. As the monster, it’s a different game. I do hope something changes.