Tips to help you succeed at monster

  1. If your armor drops you’re taking permanent damage. With each bit of permanent damage you’re making the game harder for yourself. Split the hunters up with your abilities, and attempt to mitigate damage. If the hunters are able to stay grouped attempt to hide, or drop the trapper.

  2. Standard level of importance.
    If they have a Hank he should be your #1 focus
    If they have a Laz you should sit on top of bodies.
    If you drop low on HP try, and drop the trapper or hide from the hunters. Don’t risk the game unless you’re sure you can win.

  3. The tracks you leave are more important than those you don’t. Try and leave tracks heading toward areas of the map you don’t plan on visiting for a while. With the Obsidian beetle perk you can completely stay stealthy the entire game.

  4. Spam smell, whenever you have it use it. No penalty for using it, and only positives so spam that crap.

  5. At level one take movement, and split abilities. Leap, and charge for Goliath. Vortex, and Thunder for Kraken. (Haven’t played Wraith so can’t say for her).

  6. Try to fight in cramped areas, and indoors. Staying inside will protect you from orbital strikes, and cramped areas will allow for crazy AoE.

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Good list so far, one small thing to note here is that good hunters can here you sniff if they are close. So if you are hiding closeby. or in a bush, try not to smell if you can avoid it. They can find you that way :slight_smile:


Forgot about that from the Alpha. Was trolling some hunters and following behind them. Hid in a bush, and a guy walked right past me. I smelled, and he immediately turned around :smile: