Tips to help out Evolve 2

So I have no clue if Evolve 2 will be a thing (I personally prefer evolve 2 over 6th tier myself) and the next installment should FORCE turorials like more aggresively than how it was implemented last time around. So for example, Evolve give a 30 second tutorial before a game would start with a character you had never picked from before. In Evolve 2 before you can play the character in multiplayer you had to have played 3 specific mission honing in on the skills of that character. So abe for example, would have a mission focused on trakcing darts, one for stasis grenades, and one for his shot gun. And then each class gets one specific mission teaching them how to use their personal. So for cloaks, domes, personal shields, and heal bursts.
What do you all think? I just feel that the learning curve is too harsh for a call of duty generation…


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