Tips to goliath to get out of harpoons from trapper?


I just played a match against a group of hunters, i got to a nice start, i managed to get enough food to evolve, had shield on maximum also, when i got closed in the dome with the hunters, i kept fighting them, while hiding in safe places inside the dome waiting for it to vanish, when it finally vanished i was amazed i couldnt get away from the hunters, it was a combo of slow by the healer using tranquilizers and the trap spamming harpoons, i kept stopping to break the harpoons but she caught me like 10 harpoons in a row, and they were activating from like 30 meters away from me, I couldnt leave the hunters behind and they just closed me in the dome again and killed me, i was kinda surprised because it never happened, any tips how to break this type of control with the goliath ?


tip 1) get vertical and horizontal. use terrain to break line of sight. the tranqs last 6 seconds so you need to stay covered or hope she misses.

tip 2) griffins harpoons reload every 4 seconds or so. so do a quick turn and anticipate the harpoon to quickly swipe away and run. it will lesson the time your not moving.


Focus the trapper down and the dome ends early, allowing you a free escape. If you don’t want to fight them, bring trapper down first , if you do want to fight them, focus the medic first.


I’m gonna assume you mean Maggie’s harpoon traps. Fire breath is your best friend for clearing out all those annoying placeables.