Tips to an experienced Hunter who wants to play monster?


Any experienced monsters wanna share detailed tips with a day one Hunter who wants to help expand the dying monster population?

Not the basics: Focus. Isolate. Smell.

I mean actual advice. How to approach specific maps. What Hunter combination are best to approach early on, which to take at 3. Better builds, worse builds.

I know I can learn through playing, but I’d like to speed that up so I can actually be a part of the population without soloing for 2 months.


As for Monster ability builds, you have to figure those out yourself. It’d different for some players. I tried using some of the builds I’ve seen others do well with, but they didn’t suit me.

As for team comps- Identify their key strength. For example with Hank/Caira you;ll have a hard time downing anyone, but they won’t be doing as much damage as other teams, and you can afford to fight for longer. Figure out the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and play to those.

As for maps- figure out the danger zones. There are some areas you should NEVER be caught in. EVER. For example, Rendering Plant- if you go north right off the bat, you’re dead. You have to avoid that area while farming because a good team will smack you for venturing in there.


As wraith I take 2 warpblast 1 abduction and faster traversals. The point in abduction could be easily subbed out for decoy, having one in abduction is for the chance to isolate someone early on. Warp blast for wraith is fairly staple these days. At the start of any match I tend to go in the direction of high food areas or areas with a powerful perk. As wraith you tend to want to spend all your 3 traversals+warpblast at once create larger gaps in your tracks, but don’t let this leave you vulnerable, it is bad to find the trapper near you when you have used up all your traversals. I tend to go down the route of I don’t care if the hunters know where I am when attempting to stage up, which means I tend to look for ways to create large amounts of distance between me and the hunters. This means that if you know the hunters are behind you, look for the straightest direction you could reasonably take to a location to evolve at. If the hunters are between you and “a reasonable distance away”, attempt to lure them closer to you before making a break for it.

At stage 2, I max out warpblast and point a point into abduction and decoy.
If you are going up against a team with either Val or Crow, you want to break line of sight as much as possible and you can warp in reaction to hearing the firing noise for Crow’s stasis gun to dodge it.
If you have been domed at stage 1 or an otherwise less than ideal situation and do not see an obvious opportunity for a down penalty, I would suggest looking around the dome to for ways to avoid damage. Cliffs, pillars, corridors, and anything else that breaks line of sight.
Identify the weaknesses in the hunter party. Namely, a hank in a caira hank team. The trapper in a bucket or cabot team and val in any team that has a val. Getting a down penalty on a hank improves your chances of winning later drastically whereas down penalties on the trapper in a team without a defensive support means that you can get out of combat when you want to when the game gets to the later stages.
Remember you can see which perks the hunters have, (When enough of the smell UI appears, you can see which perks the individual hunters have next to their health bar) don’t engage on hunters when they have a perk advantage on ya!


Maps. The more open the map, the less it suits Goliath and Behemoth. Behemoth in particular absolutely cannot fight in a valley. But, the more valley-like the terrain, the more it suits a Skywraith. And the more elevations there are, the better the Kraken will be. Allow yourself to be domed in areas favorable to what you’re playing, and the hunters won’t have a dome for when you need to retreat.

Expectations. Acting like you’re fleeing when the dome drops but instead going around a corner and waiting for them to chase is an easy way to get Hunters to clump up. Unexpectedly turning on chasing hunters out in the open can cause them confusion, if the terrain is favorable. Hunters will not look for you in obvious places, such as on top of the Aviary tunnel exits.

Leading. Most Hunters won’t go where the Monster isn’t or won’t be. Don’t cross paths with buffs if you don’t have the time to take and deny them, and against most teams they’ll be there when you do have the time. Most Hunters will also not camp bodies, so run around an obstacle and go back for a nibble on a buff they killed.

Hunters. They make a lot of noise. You can get their general direction when sneaking as it increases your hearing range. All that weird wooshing sound you keep hearing when sneaking? That’s actually their jetpacks from way far away. Some Hunter weapons such as Caira’s make an assload of noise, and you can know if they’re busy fighting a buff.

Team comps. Against Lazarus, you want to spread your damage if you cannot find the guy so take things like rank 3 Fire Breath and low-delay interrupts like Charge. Against Hank or Torvald, you won’t want Abduction because it will give them time to react, instead just take Supernova at stage 2. Against Caira, you want spike damage like Leap Smash over Charge. Against Markov, Banshee Mines won’t work well because of the autotargetting and chain on his lightning gun, and Hyde will also clear them fairly well. Decoy will not be effective against Hyde or Torvald. Always include Sunny’s shield drone on the edge of Warp Blast or Vortex.

Relay fight. Avoid it if possible. Markov, Hank, Bucket, Sunny, Maggie, Abe, and Caira are all great at it. Lazarus also by association of Hunters not having strikes at that point. The more offensive the team is, the more you will want to try to down or wipe them at stage 2 using favorable terrain. Goliath suffers the most in the relay fight and Kraken the least.

Opportunity. Many pub trappers are desperate to get a dome, any dome, on a stage 1 Monster. You can usually get a strike on them for that, making your stage 2 encounters much easier. You can cancel a pounce by pressing sneak again if you think you need an ability’s spike damage to finish someone off before Hank shields them or whatnot. Charge is an excellent ability to use right after cancelling a pounce.

Builds. Depends on how you play. If you prefer hit-and-run, go for singular rank 3 abilities with the damage perk. If you want to be in the thick of things, distribute your points more evenly and take something else. If you’re on a buff-contested map like The Dam or Armory, and you think you’ll have to go all-in on the team to beat them, take a perk that isn’t on the map in buff form.