Tips : Rockets, More Weapons, Team Deathmatch, Duel


Some tips for the devs, game is awesome but we need more from it, at least me.
It would be nicer if

  1. Hunters can have rockets and more weapons like UNREAL TOURNAMENT.
  2. Team Deathmatch : for example 5 monsters vs 20 hunters in a bigger map. Levels and other details to define.
  3. Some vehicles for a bigger map. It should be extremely nice.
    4 ) Concentrate some actions enhancing the gameplay of a single hunter. Ok, you could tell me that the scope of the game is to hunt the monster with the entire team but imagine if an hunter can have some exlcusive weapons and jetpack fuel, etc to fight vs the monster ALONE. A 1 vs 1 giving all the glory to the hero. A duel in UNREAL style ! Maybe in a smaller map.

Look at battlefield saga, 32 vs 32. You can play with the team but you have also a certain amount of free decisions. You can jump between bases, choice a vehicle, attack enemy from behind or simply stay away from caos and use the sniper, you can conquest bases on simply engage enemy players with an helicopter: you feel the hero all the time jumping from clouds to ground.

A player should help the team but a gamer should enjoy also when it’s alone. A game that make that player the hero with or without the team is the Game.

Thank you!


Short version of what’s gonna come in here later by people who actually write a lot of stuff:

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No


I think this is sarcasm, but don’t know for sure. Please tell me it is.


with actual gameplay this game will be dead in a month or 2. i’ve bought the game with preorder and after the season pack.
however no sarcasm, it’s a my opinion and personal request ! sorry for that.


Oh my you were serious :neutral_face:


I’ll leave it at uhhh no, this isn’t an average shooter. It should have none of those but we all have our own opinions so… yeah


I don’t think its a bad idea to have more than one monster but you would have to change the game mode


I feel we should have a 2v2v1 game type, that’d be cool.


I don’t see the game being dead for a long time. They’re going to add game modes and maps for free, hopefully not those though. Not to be mean but I don’t think they will fit well with the game. They’re also adding hunters and monsters as additional paid content that isn’t needed in anyway. The game has a lot already IMO. Ofcourse I want more but it has enough for me and I would assume a lot of others. Also, I hate assumptions as they’re usually just opinionated and don’t really matter anyway.


yes but i only say that today i wantaed to play a game. I had to decide beteween different games and when i looked the evolve icon in my dock i have thought : uff, 20 min to run and 5 min always with same weapon jumping around. And this thinking in my brain sincerelly should worry devs. At the end i palyed bf4 for 2 hours. I don’t want to criticize, i have the game a i spent euros on him, i only hope to hav a better gameplay


I heard halo and unreal tournement is the game for this…or giant vs citizen kabuto

Bigger map is proven over and over is not the key to better game, example is planetside and most FPS 64 servers

if you need a transport = to big map and you will just cruise part everything = lose flavor and half the point of the game
bigger maps = more travel time= more dead time

Rather have a seperate remake of GVcK for this