Tips on kala's masteries


Okay so i have all but one done the 3rd teleport mastery any ideas how to get it faster it seems to not work as good, any tips on how to complete faster, it only one last requirement please help.


Ask @MaddCow


I’ve been using Defend. One teleporter near the initial monster spawn and one near the power source, wait for the monster to get you below half health then jump through. You usually wont be able to easily repeat this process due to the distance but you can use a scaled down version for each generator. Laz is the best medic for this one due to his low healing.


Pretty sure that you don’t count for the teleporter.


Huh. I have no idea then.


Yeah shredder i also think it dose nor count tried it properly 100 or more times, i think it may be broken or down to poor decisions i mean seriously its kinda dependent on luck not skill plus i dont play online much due to the ranked matches, should of made that separate.