Tips on improving my stream?


As the title says. I consider myself a decent monster, but then i only really play monster so it’s just me on the stream, not a whole team. i’m new to streaming and not really sure what to do, can anyone give me some pointers on how to gather a following? My Twitch Id is Bearbladder, It’s very barebones, i don’t have a good description or good profile art.


The biggest thing is to know that very few people break into streaming and are even close to becoming ‘successful’ with it. Once your expectations are there, just be yourself. People can spot phonies. Being yourself means you don’t have to change anything when playing a game. The big thing is to try and get someone in a teamspeak with you so that you can ‘talk’ with them to fill dead air. This will help you get used to talking while playing games. Outside of that and it starts getting more into other things that won’t help you early on.

Decide what you want to be. Educational, funny, narrating, funny voices etc… Stick with that.


And make sure you’re enjoying it, that’s most imporant. :D<G

I watch streams a lot and the ones I love most are the ones where the streamer is clearly having a good time, really makes you feel more into it and puts a smile on your face.


Exactly what they said. I’m lucky enough to be making money off of streaming and one thing that I know to be true about streaming is that important to be yourself and get “Regulars”. Those “regulars” will always be there no matter what game. They might have come when you were playing COD for a month and in that month you could’ve had 100 people watch per stream but once you switched over to Evolve it dropped to 10 but it never went below ten. You always had those ten people watching. Those are most important people to your stream. The guys that watch all day at any time. Make them your focus, but don’t ignore other people.


Were you streaming on Friday night when you played me?


I was talking to @vinylscratchmlp lol


I’m so confused.


Getting a following can be a pain.

It depends on what game you play and when.

Then after that it depends on the type of person you want to be.

Alien Isolation got me a lot of follows in a short time period…

Although I think it was because of my screaming at some of the deaths and my overall attitude towards the alien.


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