Tips on beating Sunny's shield drone


Any strategies on doing damage while sunny has her shield drone out? Besides destroying it of course.

  1. Overload it like with Hank
  2. Break LOS (Its static so it can’t move around like Hank can)
  3. Hit non priority target (Melee usually), Slam high priority target with burst damage (Rock Throw, Lightning, ETC.)
  4. Destroy
    That’s all I can think of atm


^ pretty much it

You need to either A) destroy the shield drone and probably take some damage while you do it or B) constantly switch your targets since the shield protects the person who was last hit

I like to melee Assault and then turn to use an ability on one of the other three, then melee Assault to get the shield back on him while I use a second ability on whoever is lowest on health.


attack nonfocus >burst focus


Focus two people, while saving your highest damage skills(Lighting strike, Warp Blast, Rock Throw) for the target you are planning to kill first.

Worth noting tough, there is a special bug/feature with Rock Throw. Even if the target is not shielded, the drone will shield the target you hit with the rock throw as you hit the hunter, splitting the damage 50-50 between the hunter and the shield.
My theory is that getting hit by the rock deals impact damage, and a split second later deals shrapnel damage. The shield drone wait until a hunter is attacked before shielding, and the split second window before shrapnel damage is applied is long enough for the drone to react.


Nah, if it dealt both forms of damage (Impact+Shrapnel) It would be an insta-incap against non-shielded opponents, and would still do 50% health against shielded since the shield (should) be shielding after impact


I you spread out you’re attacks, the drone is useless. It’ll only shield after someone has been attacked, if you’re playing as Kraken, lightning one target, then heavy attack another, vortex another, and just keep rotating you’re attacks to different players. Also, take advantage of LoS, and AoE attacks.


Rock Throw deals 800 damage. What if a direct hit deals 400 damage and the shrapnel damage deals 400?
And depending on how they made it, the shrapnel damage would not be dealt before the rock impacted something and exploded. It would not be possible to see if the damage was dealt in an instant or a single tick later, but if a certain shield drone would have 1 tick reflexes…

But I dunno. It’s a theory. I have no idea how Rock Throw works on a code level. But something is happening, that is certain.


that’s why theres a bug where sometimes you take both forms of damage and are insta incapped even at full health, no strikes, since hunters have 1600 health.
Ive spent a lot of time testing rock throw and the above bug seems to occur when a rock hits both the ground and a hunter simultaneously, causing double damage. Trust me, this is science :stuck_out_tongue:


ill tell you what seems to be working real good with me as wraith.

I warp blast into the shield drone and that will destroy it right away (3 points) then I focus fire sunny and down her so she cant reactivate the drone rest is cake walk.

of course you have to not just rush in…smell first get a feel where everyone is, then make your move. also use a combo like…

warp blast into the drone attack sunny right away then decoy or abduct w/e you have or use, just to by some time for CD of skill or to reposition. 95% of the time where the shield drone is, sunny and the medic are there its predictable now/.

hope that helps works perfect for me sunny isn’t really much of a problem with wraith at least to me