Tips for Wraith this weekend?


I haven’t played as her since the nerfs. She seems kinda useless now that it’s harder to hit and run and her cloak stops working when hit. I always beat wraiths while playing with randoms now.


warp blast.


My plan for Wraith is to not let hunter know where you are.
Eat in caves, abduct bodies Into the caves, and be generally sneaky.
My best build for stage 2 (Wraith’s strongest level) is 3 aarp, 1 abduct, 1 decoy, and 1 to go anywhere you want.
If the hunters are close, send a decoy out into the open and then whet behind them for a suprise attack.
1 good warp blast+abduct combo can kill any non shielded hunter.


Good luck with sneaking. People will probably be using gobi this weekend to find wraiths.


Gobi isn’t that big of a problem if you know how to counter him.
Taking routes with a lot of twist and turns benefits by making Gobi’s range small if looking for you.


In the pub games I’ve played what usually happens is wraith gets domed at stage 1 and wraith tries to hide in bushes until she shows up from Gobi then its game over for the wraith.


It depends on how you want to play Wraith. You can be sneaky and stealthy throughout the match utilizing Decoy and Abduct, or you can be sneaky and offensive utilizing Warp Blast and Supernova, or you can play Sky Wraith using Warp Blast and Abduct.

Each strategy works well in their own right and I can’t say that one is better than another although I prefer Sky Wraith because it is more fun and is more engaging with the other hunters so I doesn’t feel like a one player game.


Warp, warp, warp, decoy

Rinse and repeat until dome goes down lol


I recommend hiding in bushes and under ledges. Some of my best plays as Wraith have been from rushing Stage 2, eating a mammoth bird or something, then stalking the hunters and warp blasting them just as they round a corner or something. If a hunter is on their own, abduct them to further the gap, then Supernova. It’s still more than long enough to down a Hunter if you’re landing it consistently on a cornered dude.


Bad wraiths. You should never be domed at Stage 1 unless you want to be. Coming out of the evolve, I can kind of understand what with Sunny’s slingshot or Caira’s speed boost, but not before that


Warp blast is by far your best ability. With 3 warp blast at Stage 1, and the 15% damage perk, getting downs Stage 1 is easy.

Your Stage 2 and 3 builds are more a matter of preference, but learn the power of warp blast and it won’t really matter too much. I like to go max Supernova and then 2 abduct 1 decoy.

If you’re not confident fighting at stage 1, then use your small profile to hide in bushes or under cliffs.

Use animals to your advantage. The Wraith can always pick where she wants to fight; armadons and nomads are great. Domes with cover are a must. I once lay an ambush at an armadon at stage 1; the trapper was chasing me, jumped over it, got hit with a warp blast to the face, got blown into the armadon, and went down. The armadon finished of her corpse.

Finally, you must be constantly moving. Standing in one spot for too long means death - the longest I’d recommend is one supernova duration.


Never be domed at stage 1? You are playing vs bad hunters then.


Shouldn’t be domed might be a better way to put it. But if you’re being caught after a 15-20 second (can’t remember which it is) head start, chances are YOU messed up. Same goes for those that don’t evolve for 5 minutes.


I’ve played many games where I have been domed 3-4 times and never got to stage 2. The head start quickly evaporates when birds spawn on you before you are even half way to stage 2. Then if you are playing a small map with a choke point in the center good luck finding enough time evolving vs good hunters. Sure you can evolve but will you when you know they know where you are at and that they will dome you during your evolve?

Many times you need to survive a S1 dome and then race across the map to evolve. Going across the map doesn’t always work when you are hit by slows from Val, Crow, or Abe, Caira speed boost, Griffin harpoons or Sunny boosting assault or trapper. If you haven’t experienced this or still believe that its a monster players fault to be domed at stage 1 you are not playing vs the same level of competition that I am.


I’ve played against good enough hunters, thank you very much. I’m elite, and in the top few hundred, with Goliath, Kraken, and Wraith on PlayStation. If one bird sign means you never evolve, then you need to speed up. Period.
Back ON TOPIC: Take 3 in Warp Blast, Fight and Run quickly, and only use the powers you use effectively


Avoid the birds by going in caves.
Abduct corpses under rocks and overhangs.
You won’t get birds if you do that.


I know all about eating in caves, so do the upper tier hunter players.

I’ve seen youtube videos of console players and the level of gameplay skill compared to PC players is rather large.


You are on the PS platform, that explains a lot then.


I’m fond of a 2 WB, 1 Decoy stage one, 3 WB, 1 Abduct and 1 Supernova at stage two, and sort of wing it on stage three depending on my perk choice and any elite wildlife still in play. Smell range is a super useful wraith perk if you focus on the abductions.

More than anything, stay moving, get your strikes as best you can on the hunters and run like your little wraith life depends on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t use Wraith if you’re bad with her, use Hyde and lose to Wraiths instead. I’m going for Wraith 1st preference and Hyde second, if I play versus a Wraith I’ll lose on purpose. Ps, stop making community challenges or we need to abuse them to get our goal, make personal challenges instead.