Tips for using Bucket please


I would like some tips for using Bucket. I am quite new to Evolve, with four hours logged online for Steam but I have played a lot longer than that in Offline mode, which does not contribute to the value, so I’m not brand new at this either.

I am spreading my turrets out up high so that they get good coverage, and I can use the UAV fine. However the monster still seems to always destroy my turrets nearly constantly, so that I don’t have time to use missiles often, and I rarely have turrets shooting the monster together. I get a few thousand damage per match on average, but I get the feeling it’s not very much in comparison to others.

If some experienced players could give me pointers on using him, I would be thankful. I’m Mt Everett on Steam.


Tip #1: Don’t use him.
Tip #2: Seriously, don’t.


I can say right now those are about to change after the Summer Update hits.

Long live Bucket.


Honestly i wldnt try to hard to learn him, in about a month were getting an effin HUGE title update an bucket us losing his UAV for “something more useful” plus a plethora of other MASSIVE changes to the game (hunters and monsters included as well as maps) as well as all rankings, levels, and masteries being updated and reset.
So any advice somebody gives you may be nullified in the short future by the change.

Welcome to the forums btw :slight_smile:

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun may have a few tios for you…bucket seems to be his area of expertise.


Bucket isn’t in a good state of balance right now, and in multiplayer he is close to useless.

With Bucket, your best bet is to put turrets in places where monster can’t destroy them easily.

His UAV should only be used if the Trapper lost track of the monster and your group is standing around. If you use his UAV while you are on his trail, you put yourself at a disadvantage because you need to catch up to the rest of the hunters, possibly missing a dome and doing some damage.


Wait until TU9.0 hits, at this point is the best advice anyone will give. As it stands currently the character is the most UP character in the game, bar none,


That may be, but he wants to use him know. So again: Do NOT fucking use him.


Is he really that bad currently?

Good to hear he’s being improved next patch, then.


Yeah just having some fun man.

I do agree he is a bit rough right now, you just gotta be a straight ninja with him in domes right now to find success.


What exactly is “something more useful” though? I am a little sad that the UAV is going.


All my tips are in the “Bucket tips” thread! :bucket_cute:


pipe it down! we need to keep this on the DL! Calling it now, Bucket is going to be called OP.


His new ability is called “Mechanized Recharge”

Basically it is a long cooldown team wide ability (functions similar to a heal burst) that can reset a Hunters class cooldown. When used properly it can change the tide of a fight in a big way.

Sadly the UAV just didn’t have much use for us in the Summer Update version of Evolve, so we found this new ability was a great way to give Bucket an edge like the other Supports all currently have.

Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016

That sounds interesting enough. I’m sure he’ll be much better next update then, so I’ll learn him better when that happens. Thank you for the response.



Let me ask you a question: How many times did you actually force monster to flee the area surrounded by sentries?
Since patch I wasn’t able to do it even with damage perk. Monsters just don’t fucking care. And why should they? Their damage output is so lame it’s ridiculous.
“Lemme fuck this medic… Oh, what’s that? Uh, stop it! It tickles! Huehuehue!” Every time I see support player picking Bucket I can hear monster player’s lungs bleeding from unstoppable laugh.
If his sentries were increasing damage the longer monster stays within their range, sure. But now? He’s just taking up slot.


Okay, firstly please understand that I mean absolutely no disrespect when I say this, but. The UAV had highly limited use before TU9.0 as a whole. Bucket is one of the few characters who needed the function of one of their abilties changed (in this case, the UAV) since day-one. And I am glad beyond words that the team have realised that. I look forward to TU9.0. even if I don’t agree with it in its entirety.



I gave you the correct answer.

Overclock is SO much cooler of a name.

Anywho, the actually way the ability works sounds awesome. A reset!



Another big problem,that I haven’t seen addressed, is what trappers bucket can pair with. Medic/Assault both have robot/mechanized options to make bucket feel at home and there are also rocket based options for them to combo with, yet trappers have no robot or rocket options and are unable to have meaningful partnerships with Bucket. Sadly, the game will never be balanced until this is addressed.


We wanted to push him further in the micropatch, but knowing what we had in the works we decided to hold since I think the current gameplay of Bucket becomes pretty toxic for newer players since a ton of power needs to be in his sentries to make up for the UAV. Giving him the new ability allows us to give him the power he was missing in comparison to everyone else.

Personally I never was a big fan of the UAV. I thought it was really fun, but I just found other tracking methods did his job better. Glad you’re happy with the new direction :smiley:

How would you feel about lasers? I can get this slated right after Luchadore Behemoth.