Tips For The Well Rounded Evolve Player


I thought we should have a place to put pearls of wisdom you came across while playing Evolve. Make us all better at a game we love but are denied from.

Something I learned: When playing a trapper against the Goliath, if you are right next to him when you throw the trap, he can not run fast enough to escape the dome. (I never played against the Kraken. I don’t know if this holds true for him as well)

I posted this on Reddit before here and the tips below are comments from that thread

I noticed Stage Three monsters have a tendency to scare the bigger wild life away. You could easily use this to your advantage and send some of them towards the hunder almost like they are helping you.

Smart thing that I did one game was damage the hunters at Level 2 after they caught me. I had lost about 25% of my health. Then leveled up to 3. I got the health regen monster and got it back up while I was getting armor for my last assault. Then I got the monster that gave me a 35% damage bonus. The last fight didn’t take long.

Something I’ve noticed is Monsters (in stage 1 and 2) fighting until their amour runs out then running. A good Trapper might wait on throwing out their Arena until the monster wants to leave, which would trap him in during a time he doesn’t want to be there. So I’m thinking, as a monster, you would want to bait out the Arena as early as possible.

A way to do that might be doing a full on attack, putting everything you have into incapacitating someone. The moment the fight starts going bad for you, you run. Don’t waste time getting shot trying to catch the invisible medic on low HP. You run, Trapper throws the dome, Congrats you baited out the Arena when you still have amour. The fight’s automatically in your favour right from the start.


If you are jumping towards a climbable wall (or flying) as monster, hold down the climb button before you hit it and you will smoothly transition to climbing it, keeping your momentum and getting you out of line of sight of the hunters faster!

Save big hitters when fighting a Val. Don’t open with the big hitters because then this will draw attention to the face that that hunter is wounded and he will receive a lot of help. Instead soften up your target first, then “burst” them down with a big hitter and take them by surprise. Works against assaults who are too slow on the shield too, can work against some Hanks, others might be too good. But it’s very effective against Val, she might think she doesn’t have to heal an 80% health hunter, whereas if you open with the big ability, she’ll do her best to keep the now 20% health hunter up.


Hunters should be trying to spot the monster when jumping from the dropship.

A good starting strategy for the monster is to run to some water then sneak out…hunters may just follow the water looking for exit prints.

Killing creatures as the monster doesn’t mean you have to eat them then and there. They can be valuable when on the run and need armor without needing to spend time to do the kill. Though I am not sure if corpses disappear after a certain time or a certain amount is reached.

As maggie, when in a fight with the monster use the harpoon traps in a rotating manner so the monster has to focus in different directions to remove harpoons.

Weapons comboing with vals armor piercing sniper can be deadly

If you know the monsters general area and direction then you can check the map and usuallly figure out the next area they will most likely and eventually cross over to. The trapper should usually be anticipating these routes and getting the “dome jump” on the monster.

Two hunters dead? Things looking bleak? Split up and run! That dropship will be here any second now. Be extra careful of the wildlife that can capture you though.


Corpses start to dissapear after 2 minutes.


I approve of this thread!


Conserve your jet-pack fuel.

^ very important

You never know when a dash or higher ground may be needed, and being caught out after wasting it is not going to end well.


The SledgePainter seal of approval!


Flamethrower on Goliath will reveal invisible Hunters with an outline of fire.


Haha, I should draw an icon for that! Also, good to know about the flamebreath…gonna need it for that sneaky Laz!


I can’t remember how many people I taught how to dash, double tap space bar for a burst of speed!

When playing as monster, leave tracks going toward one side of the map a little ways, then crouch and sneak the other way before the Hunters can land, it will buy you enough time to get to stage two or three before you even see them!

Don’t be shy with the orbital barrage, it reloads fairly quickly, use it on incapacitated team mates so they cant be killed, or drop it on yourself if the monster is chasing you! Also always drop it on an evolving monster as they cannot move. Also if you are playing as Hank, screw the shield gun and use the Laser cutter! The shield gun is only for saving someone who is about to be incapacitated, not for barely injured allies! Always take the 15% damage perk, that is a lot when you consider the orbital barrage :stuck_out_tongue: My list of Hank advice could go on, but I will cut it there…

Trapper should always cut the monster off, and not chase. When playing as Markov, don’t use the assault rifle when you are fighting the monster, use the lightning gun until it is out, then switch to dropping a few mines until it is recharged, the mines will deal much more damage. When playing the medic, the tranq gun isn’t a skill, it is a way of life :stuck_out_tongue:

As monster, if there is lot’s of cover, push one guy away from the group to kill him, then try and eat him to gain a little armor before the rest catch up. You will be surprised how much you can eat when you are trapped in a dome.

Anyway, I could go on… but I will leave it at that for now!


Great tips, hopefully I’ll get into the alpha to try them out.


Most important tip, if you ever are in a game, and you discover Peirs_Pryce is the monster, just end it quick and find yourself a plant to feed, because you know you won’t win :stuck_out_tongue:


For the love of god SHOOT THE BANSHEE MINES!

So many gameplay videos I’ve seen people not realize you can shoot it to destroy them.


I agree, the way I see it, against hunters with any sense of the game, banshee mines should basically be wasted points, especially since they shriek and flash at you so you know they are there :stuck_out_tongue:


Lightning Strike/Vortex also kinda reveals invisible hunters, since they have some residue lighting emitting of them.


This is all great advice. Thanks everyone. Hopefully we run into each other in an alpha


I’m picturing it like the old NES cartridges :smiley:


Another tip from Reddit

Something I notice is that many Monsters tend to ignore the Medics and Downed Players. One reason for this is that most Medics will probably be trying to play it safe, and its not always easy to go after the Medic when the others are attacking.

One suggestion is when you down a player try to keep their body in your view, and use it to bait out the Medic who might try to revive him.


As Val the medic, when hunting the monster, use the tranq dart to slow the monster down, which will help the trapper get him into the mobile arena. When in battle, make 3 or 4 weak spots, preferably on the monster’s chest, and then tranq him once, and start healing people. Making sure he gets tranquilized everything 5-10 seconds means that he gets slowed down, which makes it easier for hunters taking a lot of damage to evade. The tranquilizer also means that everyone on your team will know where the monster is

As any trapper, one of the most important things is to be trying to anticipate where the monster will be. See some tracks leading to the top right corner of the map? Track left a bit, and see if you can get the monster trapper. Don’t shoot as soon as you see the monster, get close, activate arena, and then start dealing damage, and trapping. Don’t forget that the best time to catch the monster is after he evolves, so he has no armor. Also, it takes about 15 seconds of the monster standing still to evolve, so it should give you and your team enough time to catch up.

Maggie’s Daisy WILL lead you towards the monster, but only if you are close enough to Daisy. If you start going off in the opposite direction, Daisy will reluctantly follow you.

As Griffin, lay a sound spike down when you arrive in the map, incase the monster is waiting for you to go one way, before going the other, or trying to go for an early stage 1 victory.

Don’t forget to use the yellow/orange/red markers. They are very useful in team communication, especially if people don’t have mic’s.


Something I’ve notice with trappers. They don’t rely on the harpoons as much as they should. That sub machine gun isn’t going to take the monster down. Just hold on to him and be a pain in the ass.

You can protect your team by grabbing onto the monster when he is chasing after a fleeing hunter.

Stay elevated and with the monsters back to you when you can.

Protip: if your support likes air drops. Find out when he is about to drop them. Grab the monster just before. It will make a few direct hits into many.