Tips For New Players


After playing a couple hours of the retail game, I realized just how many new players there are that have not played the betas/alpha. I’m trying to teach as best I can, but I figure the best way to help would be to just throw out some tips for players who understand the game, but are having trouble winning.

  1. Communicate! It’s such an important part of the game. It’s frustrating to have a teammate who is not doing what he should be doing, and then having no way of helping him know what to do. Also, it makes your team not understand what your thought process might be while you do certain things. Just letting people know what you’re thinking or doing can help you win.

  2. While chasing the monster, do not shoot him. When the monster is in combat, his stamina regen is increased. This means, while the monster is running away and you are shooting at him, he is able to jump more often because you shot him. Just follow him and wait for the dome to come up. You can tell if the monster is in combat or not with you if his health bar appears at the top of your screen.

  3. The dome is the most important part of winning the game, but also one of the most difficult parts. The radius on it is not very large, so just be sure to get close enough to the monster before throwing it, to ensure you do not miss.

  4. Watch out for wildlife! The inhabitants of Shear are generally pretty docile, so do not aggravate them by shooting at them. Megamouths and carnivorous plants can lead to deaths that were not necessary as well. Just be aware of your surroundings. Even I get caught once in a while, but the best way to avoid things that could kill you is to try to stay on the tops of rock faces.

These are just a couple I drafted up quickly, and they are all for hunter players. If anybody has any other tips that can help new players improve at the game, please post them so we can help out the newer members of the community!