Tips For Leveling Up


I want to know what you think is the best way to level up in evolve.


Solo Evac as Monster if you are a good Monster. Solo Defend as monster if you are a good monster.


What monster do you play as?


All of them. In Defend Only (Not Evac) just pick Goliath or Kraken and FARM the Hunters. You get loads of XP for killing, incapping, doing X amount of damage etc… In Evac you want to win the Defend maps just because the extra bonus XP is worth it. In Defend only matches you get a measly 200 for winning. Better to just farm and stomp them over and over. I generally put them at infinite strikes, favors monster and 15 second dropship.

However, I STRONGLY urge you to not use this method as you get very bad habits from the horrible AI and will be classed up against much better players. If you HAVE to use this for power leveling, stop around level 15 once you get Tier 1 with all the perks. High Tier perks won’t cover up for bad play.


Depends if you want to main Hunter or Monster.

If you want to get elite towards a certain hunter, might as well play solo evac as X hunter and get elite in addition to leveling up. Hit two birds with one stone.


I’m trying to get elite kraken however it’s taking forever.


I feel you there bud, monster skins are soooo much harder than hunter elite skins (still doable tho, so close to gettin my elite goliath :D)


Kraken has all these hit multiple hunter things and its irritating


Thats where the power of vortex combos do wonders, vortex them against a wall then ruin their day, it isnt 100% effective but it can still do some work


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(Totally not a sun worshipper btw. Tooootally not •-•)