Tips for learning UAV?


I often take characters out for a spin in single-player when I unlock them, at least if there is anything tricky or new about his or her skills.

However, in single-player, your bot teammates always follow you wherever you go. That’s a problem when you’re trying to figure out the UAV because Bucket doesn’t move while the UAV is out. The upshot is that your bot teammates are just standing around with their thumbs up the whole time, which means the match is totally unrealistic and I’m not really learning anything.

How to use the UAV in a competitive match is not exactly intuitive, it’s kinda tricky, so I don’t want to burden a team with an utterly useless Bucket player who spends the whole match dicking around with the UAV and maybe finding the monster once if he’s lucky, but never shooting or any of that other cool stuff.

Any tips on how to learn Bucket’s UAV?


Use it when the monster triggers the birds, go to that point with the UAV and look for the monster, if the monster isn’t there anymore, look for tracks.


use it aggressively and relentlessly. at the start of the match, right before the dome is going down, when you see birds, when you see wildlife carcasses. Send it where the monster ought to be, or in a different “zone” your other 3 teammates are in. And consider dropping a turret or two if you think monster is closer rather than farther away.


Haven’t played bucket a ton, but I’ve picked up a bit from the few times.

Don’t use it when you have no idea where the monster is. You’d think it would be smart to, but really you’ll just end up wandering around as the UAV. Instead wait for a bird sign or a sound spike, then launch it and take it over there. This way you’ll know around where it is and be able to tag it. Also use it right before the dome goes down. This is for the same reason as Abe’s tracking darts. You want to still be able to know where it is when it’s not captured.


I find that being good with a lot of characters in this game boils down to solid game knowledge. Like when you realize that each map is purposely designed to have chokepoints and sectors/zones, some more beneficial to the monster, some more beneficial to the hunters.


I only fly it out when we have a good idea where the creature is, I don’t like to be left behind. Oh and cloak yourself first, makes sure you don’t get eaten when you’re disembodied.


Another good solution here is launch your head from a rock riser or ledge, somewhere wildlife-free, and if you’re scouring the map, work from the middle-ish.


Good suggestions, thanks, I feel slightly more comfortable about it now. I still probably won’t be the greatest teammate in the world. . . . I can at least spin it around the block a few times in the single-player just to get the feel for the handling, the speed, tagging the monster, etc. The matches won’t be real, but the UAV handling should be.