Tips for kraken

I`m recentely playing kraken and i like fail very hard w him can anyone give me some tips because i want to get better with him

What exactly are you struggling with? Just the monster in general? How much experience do you have with him? Details, details. :stuck_out_tongue:

The flying part the with the abilitys im not that bad, atm i have him 1 star

I personally felt (pre 5.0, this might have changed) that monsters and hunters become much more effective once they reach 2 stars. I think that extra +5% helps a ton.

Some gameplay would be nice. It’s by far the easiest way to pick out mistakes. Try to record a couple games, and play them as you would. I can then critique it and give advice on what you should do instead.

I recommend playing solo for a while whenever you try out a new character. Mastery progress directs you for general use of your abilities but if you have anything specific feel free to poke around in the kraken category and ask about anything you feel you still need help with.

Aftershock is your bread and butter ability. It will more than likely be your best reliably hitter- Use it.

Most players will TRY to dodge aftershock, using a lot of boost. You can benefit from this.

If youre half competent with aftershock (Cast it while flying, not walking, to maintain speed), this WILL be futile- And you will almost ALWAYS land it. Take advantage of this.

After an aftershock, if theyre still near by, follow it up with a heavy/vortex

Landing these will be about 1000 damage. Hunters have 1600 Hp. Thats a hefty chunk of life.

Try and be mindful of how much jetpack the hunters have. Watch what theyre doing, if you see them jumping about like headless chickens, theyre probably out of jetpack. Be mindful of them climbing tall cliffs, as this will empty it- Be mindful of them dodging far away from you while using aftershock, etc. This is the time you want to follow up with a lightning strike. Lightning strike is relatively easy to dodge if they have jetpack and can time the dodge even remotely well- But if you hit it, it hurts. BAD. So use it when you KNOW you can land it.

You can also try and combo Lightning strike with vortex. Vortex them back- Immediately doing an aftershock, using the tumble of the vortex to knock them back into the lightning strike.

Banshee mines are you friends. Unless markov is there. If markov is there, dont even BOTHER using the mines UNLESS you see him on the AR gun. Watch for the tether of lightning, and once it stops- Go for some banshees.

Banshees can be AMAZINGLY powerful when coupled with pounces. Lay a banshee near a hunter near you, and once it starts to track them- Pounce them. Youll probably be shot off right away, but that doesnt matter- Youre just holding them in place long enough for the banshee mine to hit them, then follow it up with a heavy/vortex, then take back to the skies and get out of there.

Banshees are also great against deployables. in PARTICULAR, sunnys shield drone. If markov isnt there eating them, tossing a banshee at it is a quick and easy way to take out the drone. Its almost cheap how effective this is to do, goliath cant toss out “1/3rd a rock” for comparison. Dont be afraid to exploit this.

When youre trying to “run” from the hunters, dont be afraid to turn around, fly backwards (make sure you know where youre going!) and lob snowballs at them (common term for the light-air attacks), or vortexs. Youre not hoping for major damage or downs or anything here- But hitting them keeps you “in combat” within a reasonable range. If you dont know already- being in combat increases stamina regeneration, and alters krakens flight mechanics. Keeping your self “in combat” while running away helps you recover stamina faster, to spread more distance between you and the hunters, something kraken struggles with. Kraken is actually basically the slowest monster in the game, and struggles with coordinated teams on the “post dome chase”.

In case some of the things I referenced in here didnt click- do NOT be afraid to get up and personal with the hunters. Heavy attacks do a lot of damage. Dont be afraid to drop down and deliver a heavy to the face. Krakens pounce range is also ridiculous- He can snag a hunter from 27 meters away (pulling them about 9 meters towards himself in the process, going about 18 forward to meet them). Consider using this after a heavy- You probably wont do much of any damage with this, but it repositions the hunters, and when a hunter that has been pounced, gets released, it flips them 180 to the monster with their back to them, this can be very disorienting. Good way to interrupt shields/heals/etc as well. But either way, drop in, get some quick damage, disorient them, then get back to the skies.

A pounce can also be used as a bit of a speedy-maneuver. Kraken quickly jumps forward about 18 meters. And hell do this quicker than running there. They can be used just to get a bit of distance in a lot of situations. Pounce speed also isnt affected by some forms of CC. Tranqs? Stasis? Pounce to move forward. Jacks repulsor also doesnt (currently) stop a pounce. Is jack within 27 meters and repulsing you? Pounce the mofo through the beam.

I can continue with more, but this is a pretty broad topic haha

oh, and if anyone tells you kraken is op (Or something like aftershock)? Laugh at their inexperience and tell them to figure it out, and git gud.