Tips for Goliath


So I seriously have a weird obsession with trying to play Goliath since I’ve had the Taurus Skin. But I’ve failed miserably… I would like tips, tricks and hints on how I could be a GOOD Goliath player, or at least a decent one.



Awwww I was all excited to share Goliath tips and then you just linked him to the MaddCow thread

i cri errytiem


Katt 1
Goliath 0

You can still give him your advice, lol.


LOL feel free to share I’m open to all, considering I’m fresh


You’re not the only the only one obsessed with Goliath and I definitely know how you feel. The sheer enjoyment of beating a team with the so called “easy” monster is simply satisfying.

A lot depends on how you utilize all of Goliath abilities and also which Hunters are playing on the opposite end.
I suggest going to the topic here I created before for tips on how to deal with certain Hunters and what to pay attention to: Request: Goliath Advanced Tips + Tips vs certain Hunters

A lot of people there were very helpful and hopefully it will have the same effect on you as it had on me (been winning more often and getting better).


Find a build you like. For example: I’m only ok with rock throw, but I’m fantastic with leap smash, so I focus a lot more on leap than I do on rock. Putting points in your highest-damage ability is only useful if you land it. So experiment and find what you like.

Practice traversals. How to aim it, where to, what you’ll bounce off of, what trajectory you need to hit a hunter mid-air. Seriously, spam that in fights - air heavy into ground heavy is both great CC and good damage. Also, if you use leap smash and traverse as soon as you hit the ground, you’ll skip the end of the smash animation - so if you’re on the run, don’t just leap smash, leap smash into another leap. It’ll save you a second or two.

Fire breath is absolutely essential unless you’re stupid good with rock throw and leap smash. Especially against Sunny, since it’s your best way to clear a drone.

He’s not as combo-heavy as some of the other monsters, like Behemoth or Kraken. You’re more of a brawler. If you can land combos, great, but you’ll struggle to down someone with a single combo, so instead practice things like being between a hunter and their team so they need to get through you to be safe - things like that make up for his lack of combo potential.

Fun fact, you can block Caira grenades with your body. If you down someone and she tries to rez from far away, block the grenades and laugh.

That was all I could think of in this random spammy moment, but it’s enough to get started. Good luck!


Alrighty, we’ll just start from the ground and move up.

With Goliath, he’s a big target that likes to get close, so you’re going to need to feel comfortable with getting within optimal ranges of Assaults, especially like Lennox or Hyde. Using your traversals in the middle of the fight can be very helpful for Goliath. Unlike Behemoth, you can’t really afford to just soak up a ton of damage. Goliath has a lot of armor and health, but it’s not like you can just tank all the damage and be fine - Hunters will take advantage of you when you’re walking, so stay on the move.

You’ve got a wide range of abilities at your disposal. Rock Throw is your primary damage dealer. It deals 730 damage on a direct hit, which is almost half of a Hunter’s health. Don’t start right away with it though! You need to get the Hunters into a position where it’ll be easy to land the rock because otherwise they’ll dodge it easily. Leap Smash, my personal favorite, is a great-all around move. It has movement utility, a good amount of damage and can set up combos pretty well. Little trick with Leap Smash - you can melee heavy right out of it. Even if you miss the initial hit, your heavy melee can still smack one poor unfortunate soul. That being said, when you’re in a fight, use Leap Smash to close distance and do damage simultaneously. Fire Breath has a small time of direct damage and a medium amount of DOT. It’s helpful for hunting, doing damage to multiple Hunters (which can make the Medic vulnerable as they will need to heal everybody) and clearing the area of traps like Arc Mines and Harpoon Traps. I would always have Fire Breath handy. It can get Hunters that are just out of reach, can deal with Hunters like Jack and Sunny at a range, or just be used to punish kiting. Charge is similar to Leap Smash. Closes distance, does damage if you hit. Unless you’re really crazy about it, I wouldn’t commit to hard to Charge. If you’re not a fan of fighting until late game, pick it up since it can give you that extra mobility boost, but otherwise, maybe save it until Stage 3? It’s up to ou.

Goliath excels in tight areas with lots of space to climb. As I said earlier, it’s important that you are constantly on the move, and adding a vertical component to where you can go will definitely help you. Use the environment to shield your large stature in a fight (in other words, if hunters can just shoot you while you stand on a cliff, use stealth to hide yourself until they’re in a better position for hitting.) Remember, though - Hunters can kite you pretty easily. Make use of traversals, rock throw or fire breath to punish Hunters that try to move away.

If you’re trying to hide from the Hunters, don’t use your smell ability when they’re nearby. They can hear it! Though with more intelligent teams you may be domed before its possible to assess the situation, you might be able to use your traversals to keep out of the Trappers’ reach - don’t use your traversals all willy-nilly, save them up for when you need to close a lot of distance really fast. To get the most out of your traversal, aim your reticle up some. If you need more horizontal distance, go from 20-45 degrees. If you need more vertical distance, 45-60.

You’re also big, so use that to bodyblock Medics.

EDIT: PM me if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


Fire Breath! Fire Breath! Fire Breath!


@GoGoGoliath @KaptinSkorge

What’s your stage set ups?

Like 2 rock, 1 leap? For stage one ect…


2 Fire 1 Leap
3 Fire 3 Leap
3 Fire 3 Leap 3 Rock
I know it’s weird, but if you can use it well it works.


Mmm I’ll practice around with the advice I got from everybody, and I’ll try out your sets to see if I can even work it well


2 Leap, 1 Flame

3 Leap, 2 Rock, 1 Flame,

3 Leap, 3 Rock, 2 Flame, 1 Charge


Eh? Nah go only 2 in fire, rock throw is the only one worth maxing and even then I keep it at zero until stage 3


Hypothetically, yeah. But in practice, I dunno, it just works. Give it a shot some time.