Tips for Goliath on Day 5 evacuation. Help!


I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this but winning Day 5 as Goliath has been damn near impossible for me! Everytime I make it to the final generator but no matter what strategy I use either the time runs out or I die. I usually make it to the final generator with at least 3/4 life and full shields but I still die from a combination of the turrets and the Hunters. I’ve even tried standing baBck and doing rock throw to damage the generator but that doesn’t do even damage. Any suggestions???


Well if you want to be competitive kraken is the only sensible choice for day 5. Which is not bad I like that monsters make more or less sense n different modes.
On the other hand mixing it up is allot of fun, I for one pick wraith for it often… never won tho :stuck_out_tongue:

As Goliath, use rock throw to take down turrets and let minions take down generator, while you try to take out hunters. Killing hunters is nice, but all you need to do really is to buy time for minions.

Another thing, since hunters spawn with no strikes on day 5, you might not even want to kill them right of the bat, just down them to get them to 2 strikes. Then when you are at the final generator down the hunters with 2 strikes and they will die right off the bat, giving you and generator some 1 on 1 time. This is hard if lazarus is on the team, but its a poor choice as hunters to pick lazarus in day 5


I suggest if you can’t go toe to toe with them, just poke at the generator with rock throws, itll do the job, expecially if youve taken turrets down first.


I’ve tried that just seem to run out of time every time.


Yeah haha the rock strategy works the best I just always run out of time or get killed at the final generator. Thanks tho!


Alright- two tips here:

1- Protect minions. Your two minions are the source of generator damage. If the turrets are dead and the Hunters aren’t present, then attack the generator. But as long as the turrets or Hunters are alive, they are your priority. Minions do more generator damage than you. Protect them. Kill the Assault, Support and turrets, then watch the damage pile on.

2- Retreat when armor is gone. Think of your armor as your health- when all your armor is gone, retreat. Get some more, then re-engage. This will keep you alive.

Good luck, and remember- think of your armor as your health pool, and your minions must live. Turrets, Assault and Support are your prime targets.

Have fun.


Okay… Protect minions. But to do that I have to be where they are… Which is close to all the turrets with the hunters there also… In my original post I said every time I get to the last generator I have at least 3/4 health with full shields, I always retreat before I take any damage. But it’s simply too difficult to take down all the turrets with rock throws before time runs out or the hunters come after me… I just played the day 5 on the level where the generator is underground. I had full shields and 85 percent health but there’s literally nothing I can do but go down there and try to fight… It didn’t end well lol


You shouldn’t be sniping- that’s Kraken’s forte. You should be up there fighting them head on. Use a rock throw to start out, a charge to close distance, leap smash to chunk it, fire-breath for lols, and then punch it to dust. As Goliath, you have easily enough armor to take out half the turrets, even with Hunters on you, before retreating.

That’s good. If Hunters are after you, keep focusing the turrets, then lead the Hunters away from the minions. Meanwhile they’ll be pounding that generator. You want Hunters coming after you.


Appreciate the tips but it’s wayyyyy easier said than done. Monster has to play damn near flawless while hoping for the hunters not to be good and/or make mistakes. The hunters set up hella traps with a damage boost its a wrap lol. If you got footage of it against a good team Id love to see it haha


I still don’t have my copy, thanks to work. Business trips suck.


Haha come on man! I thought you were speaking from personal experience not. -___- not just what you think will work strategy wise lol


Beta experience. Streams. Press Release. Etc.


For Goliath, this is a MUST. Tier 3 rock throw. I then put two points into everything to make them up-to-par.

Focus those turrets down first AS SOON as your minions get there. Kill one, then back off if you’ve taken too much damage or your minions died; if possible, destroy both if the previous ailments are not present. After turrets are gone, wreck havoc on the Hunters. Specifically the Assault and Support; If possible after killing the Support go for the Trapper so you don’t have to worry about being domed and you can leave freely.

As mentioned before, your armor is your health. If that goes down, you go down.

Perk choice, I pick up the ability cooldown perk. More rocks=More chances of victory!


I usually pick Goliath as my goto for Day 5…

As with any monster I play on Defend I hunt before going in first to get armor, then I use that armor to jump in and take out the turrets first (Don’t target the hunters) as soon as they are out of the way, flee and refill all your armor then go in and work on the hunters. It should distract them from the minions while they work on the generators.

Since you can’t refill health, on the first generator I usually rely heavily on armor (I’d recommend the Armor regen boost perk for Day 5 since if you use this tactic wildlife will run out quite quickly) and I try not to lose any health whatsoever. As soon as your armor is gone run back and get more, don’t fight on health, save it for the power source.

Rinse and Repeat with the second generator, Armor up, destroy turrets, retreat and armor up, distract hunters from minions fleeing when you lose your armor to get more.

As for the final Power Source, you shouldnt really have much of a problem with Goliath, for me Goliath’s only weakness is Cabot + Abe… Thats the killer in my experience… If this is the case, use leaps and the Charge attack wherever possible. It can save your life!

But yeah, Go in with armor take out the 4 turrets, retreat, armor up, go to town (Within reason, armoring up if you take beatings from Cabot + Assault)

Works for me! Happy hunting!


Good advice… I’ll try that. But for the level where the generator is underground I just don’t see how you’re able to repeatedly go in take a turret out, retreat, gain armor, 4 times total without running out of time or dying. Against a good hunter team they’ll just put traps everywhere so you take a huge hit before you can even touch a turret. I need video evidence lol


At the start of the game put 3 points in Rock Throw and Leap Smash, 1 of each will destroy a full healthed turret. Also you have to be quick when getting your first set of armor so they don’t have much time to plan ahead. You kind of have to have luck on your side by finding and Flame Breathing a huge cluster of wildlife.

To give yourself a better chance with the turrets and all the retreating, try to find a ledge or some sort of vantage point where the hunters wont immediately see you, then quickly throw a rock at the turret and use Leap Smash to finish it. That way the only time you’ll be in danger is when you land from the Smash and then you can use your traversal leaps to quickly flee again.

The first 2 generators I basically ankle-bite at the hunters as I mentioned earlier, if you are in a tight space like the tunnel, Charge and Flame Breath are your friend. Use Charge to evade them if you really need to.

As for traps, I’m assuming Markov’s Arc Mines are the problem? If so you can actually use Flame Breath to make his Mines explode without taking any damage from them yourself. They actually damage hunters a small amount when they detonate and cause knockback which is good against a camping hunter squad.

Then there is Bucket’s turrets, these I find to be armor drainers if you ignore them it’s really easy for your armor to vanish when these are around, but again Flame Breath works a treat against them.

If you find that a lone hunter starts to follow you to stop you from eating, sneak pounce him by crouching and attacking really fast so he doesn’t see it coming, this is also good versus good Hunter teams as they will come out to revive him, leaving the minions alone at the generators.

I can’t provide a video because I don’t have any recording software :smile:

Hope this helps!


It worked bro, Thanks!!


No problem!