Tips for going against Abe/3rd Tier Support?


I’m finding a hard time of things going against Abe and the 3T Support (Can’t recall his name, Cairot or something?). I was wondering if anyone has any tips and tricks? I’ve been focusing on mastering the Goliath recently, and aside from creating as much distance as possible while sneaking, I’ve tried chaining Charge > LS > RT to get the burst damage going, and my usually perk is either Damage Reduction or Damage Increase. I’ve been practicing against the bots on a difficulty that favors the hunters, and while I’m not getting tracker dart’ed, I am finding that his stasis grenades are keeping me in check.

I also find it incredibly difficult to actually pinpoint who’s who. Whether MP or Bots, it seems like the tracker evades me more often than I can spot him and take him down. Does anyone have some tips and tricks they’d share?



I don’t play a ton of Monster but it doesn’t take a lot to say that who/what you focus will depend greatly on the specific composition of their team and how they play it. That’s kind of where Monster is tricky, there don’t tend to be a lot of guaranteed absolutes you can say ahead of seeing how it plays. Typically Lazarus would always be your first target no matter what, from there it all depends. Hank is a good target, someone playing Trapper well should be a target, it depends on what they’re doing and how well they’re propping each other up. The main thing is once you down someone be sure to apply the appropriate effort to them staying down, whether that is outright camping the body or using it as a lure to try to draw in other Hunters to them down them too.