Tips For Finding The Monster


When playing the alpha, my group always had a hell of a time finding the monster. The vast majority of the fights we played were near the objective and against a stage three monster.

What were some ways that you were able to track the monster?


Following tracks and the looking at where startled birds are and run towards them, slightly at an angle away from the icon. if there are any fallen trees, find tracks that are nearby and cut through.

Honestly, your trapper should be planting darts or sound spikes to find the monster. It’s HIS job to lead the team.


The biggest is Audio. Having a decent set of headphones (Not a headset mind you) makes a WORLD of difference. The rest of the time, play to your Trapper’s strength. If you can’t hear anything and can’t find any tracks and have Daisy, follow her. Once she starts going in a direction you can fan out and scoot in that direction without having to stay behind her butt. If you have Griffin, start setting up Sound Spikes in common travel traffic areas. After playing the maps a few times you’ll know where these tend to be. Most monsters usually skirt the edges of the map. So sticking to the middle of the map and looking/hearing around can make a big difference.

Also, know where good food sources are. Look for things knocked over, and look for dead animals or creatures fleeing.


The fundamental thing to do is not be wherethe monster is that moment but be where the monster going. tracks are nice bird sign is nice but its all old data need to figure out where the monster is going to get your team to get an in a pincer movement. also make sure your trappers are using their abilities.


I’d have to say that anticipating the monsters direction and knowing the map layout is key. If you see some birds in an area that has only 2 entrances, and you might already have an idea of it’s general direction of travel, you can potentially cut the monster off.


After the first day I bought some headphones with a mic so I could talk to others, finding the monster was far easier, if the monster is nearby you can roughly figure out where based one where the noise is coming from, you don’t really get that from the tv speakers


On the Xbox if you click in the right thumb stick it places a marker for everyone to see and is colored according to the item you marked. I found this very helpful when tracking for the whole team.


you would never find me i swear i am like




I’ve found that generally new Monsters stay on the outside of the map and run in circles, that makes it pretty easy to cut them straight off. Use tracks as an indicator of which way the Monster is travelling and predict its movements accordingly. An example match I can share is on the Dam. The Monster turned left and headed towards the “tower of terror”, so I went through the caves and cut him off at the top of the cliff where there’s that really steep drop. Birds also help a lot. If you know which way the Monster is moving and see birds go off, then you can work out where the Monster should move to even more easily.

A surround sound headset will also help a lot, I used one during the Alpha and this gameplay I recorded can show you how useful it can be:

I could hear the Monster behind me and changed direction.


Look at the ground for scorched earth that means that either Goliath used fire breath or Kraken used lightning strike


Following the trapper is ok, but if you have Val in your team, make her the leader. Vals tranq-darts are one of the best weapons in the game in my opnion. I played Val most of the time and sometimes the monster and got to Lvl 25. I was the first spotting the monster like every time. Also I was much walking on my own. To be honest, I was a pretty shitty healer because I was so far away from the group and they always where taking damage by fighting with tyrants etc. BUT with Val it’s easy to find the monster. You just have to fly to some wide opened spots. And then you have to run/fly star-like ways from the middle of the map to some other spots with much wildlife or many hideouts for the monster. As soon as you see the monster, will it be far away or close to you, shot the tranqs and then stay close to the monster. Don’t do damage, just shoot your tranqs. The average monsterplayer will get nervous at this time, stops to crouch and starts to run, jump(goliath) and leaves giant landmarks where it went. Also don’t run after the monster if you found it. Use your jetpack to cut of its way. Normally the monster tries to attack you after some time or will try to sneak you. You must circle around the monster, not run after it directly. And don’t forget to shoot your tranqs as much as possible

Also there are some ways most of my monsters took most of the time:
The Dam: At first they made a track to the left side of the map . It would led you to the little canyon. But befor jumping of the dam, the crouched into the little tunnel to the left and waited for the hunters to take the canyon-way. Then it jumped over the place and ate everything in the caves on the right side of the map
Fusion Plant(Thanks Bear_Stream): The monster ran at first to the whole other side of the map and then took the path to its left to sneak back to the destillery. Nothing more to say.
Destillery: Here it was the easiest to spot the monster. Nearly EVERY monsterplayer took the way down to the water. They walked a little slope around a huge boulder and ended up in the little path near the destillery. As a good hunter, you just had to jump over the fences and the roof and you had a Stage1 monster for breakfeast. On time the monsterplayer was so pissed, that he just stood still until he was killed :smiley:


First if all, the map on the jungle is called Fusion Plant.
Second, that monster that stood still was probably me. I was having issues with my computer that day and it cost me some games. Stupid anti virus program taking me out of the game.
Heck, once we were fighting a level 3 and I was Hank. The monster was at the fusion plant and I was the only one left. The monster barely had any health but my computer took me out of the game and by the time I got back in the monster had killed me. So close.


It would be funny if it was you but I don’t think so. The monster really was walking right until the whole team stood behind be, throwing the dome and shooting everything on the monster. He just gave up and looked around but he looked around so he wasn’t completely out of game.


Ah okay.
Heck, the little tutorial videos for when you play a character the first time was playing at half the speed and the audio was cracked. Maybe if I get a chance to play the beta on my PC it will he better. So busy that weekend though.


Couple of tips for finding the moster:

  1. Buy good headphones and don’t listen to music while you play. This has been mentioned but I will reiterate because this is #1. Honestly, you can track the monster extremely effectively just using your ears.

  2. Play as the monster. Gaining the experience needed to understand how a monster functions during chases will help you to try to “outplay” the monster as the hunters.

  3. Be logical. So many players miss this step. During the alpha, I cannot tell you how often my hunter team was tracking a monster via footprints, then the footprints stopped and the group kept going. I was like “wait, yo! The monster is likely still in this area because if he’s sneaking we’d surely be able to see him because of his slower speed. He’s probably just hid-” and then he pounces me, I die, and my team carried on. All that to say, just slow it down a bit. Listen, move with intent, and if the tracks stop, likely so has the monster.

  4. Rely on Daisy until you get good then ignore Daisy because you won’t need her. Soundspikes are pretty sweet, set them up at chokepoints to split portions of the map into different sections, then PAY ATTENTION to when they are tripped and the likely direction of the monster.


Biggest advice has already been stated, don’t follow directly behind the monster. If the monster is running behind the fusion plant, you don’t have to go all of the way back there, stay in front of it and go towards where the monster is heading and you can beat him there. Works well with Bucket, Hank, Markov, and any trapper. Bucket and Markov can cast out their deployables, Hank can line up an expectant orbital barrage, and trapper can throw a dome. You will NEVER miss a dome on a monster heading towards you. Also, if the monster goes through or is heading towards a funnel (any areas with only 2 entrances/exits. Great examples are the path by the tower in Fusion Plant and the swamp area), try to reach the other side of that funnel while your team chases the monster through it. Had an awesome match as Bucket where I had a line of sentries set up at the exit of one of these funnels. Needless to say, the monster wasn’t too happy


I found that the best way to track the monster is to play as the monster. In the alpha I played almost exclusivley the monster on the first day. You learn the maps, the routes, the ideas behind the strats. If you can think like the monster you can make some pretty educated guesses where they are going to go once you get a general direction.


This works ditto for playing as the monster. Playing as the hunters gives you an idea on their thought processes and how to better juke them. Particularly reversing the direction you travel the map


I like traveling in two teams of two staying relatively close to one another though. Usually support and assault then trapper and medic. I let the assault and support follow the tracks as most players will do, then have the medic flank towards the middle to try to catch and trap the monster. Seemed to work well.


That’s the cool thing with this game: Your way of thinking has to evolve(Get it…hahaha…ha) every time you play. As a hunter, you will play the monster to see, how it is to be one. Your strategies will start to develop around your experience as a monster. But after some time, other monsterplayers will notice this. So they will start to act differently, going other ways, trying other ways of fighting and so on. But then, the smart hunter will get this shift as well and, again, will do other moves ingame. A monster will notice the difference and starts to review the existing stategies and starts to mix different ways of playing the monster. BUT THEN the hunters will get this as well…blablabla…it’s sort of endless because you have so many possibilities with three different monsters. That’s also one of the points why I already love this game.