Tips for fighting abe


in beta i had an amazingly high win rate as monster (about 90 %) but now that almost every game i play theres an abe i have trouble mostly from that grenade he throws, i play kraken mostly if that helps.


Abe’s grenades are the worst against Kraken.It slows Kraken and doesn’t allow it to fly.We can say Abe is the counter to Kraken.


:frowning: kraken was the one i wanted to max first but this guys been hampering that.


Well Kraken needs a proper counter right? :slight_smile:
Or else you would have 95% win ratio :slight_smile:

Also keep in mind grenades have some Radius.Using space 1 or 2 times right/left will bring you out of that radius and Abe will have to re-throw.You can keep doing that :stuck_out_tongue:


out of curiosity since goliath is slower does this help abe or not as effective, also what about vs the wraith which is fastest.


Stasis grenades besides dropping kraken also reduces movement speed and a tiiiiny bit of attack damage.So Abe is good against every monster :slight_smile: