Tips for Evac as the monster?


Evac is really cool, but oh man, some match modes just feel heavily tilted towards the hunters.

Nest mode, for one, is heavily catered to the hunters seeing as there’s no penalty for the hunters for having one teammate stay away from the fight! Normally that’s a free three kills and feeding time, but when the enemy team ALWAYS runs Bucket, Hyde, and Laz, leaving any of them up means that you have to defend since they can individually shred any egg they want before you can get to it (or rez the whole team). I’ve played several matches where I had at least one tick on each hunter and absolutely no damage to me, and they were still able to just focus the eggs so quickly that I couldn’t deal with it. The sustained damage that Hyde and Bucket bring to the fight on a stationary target is just too damn much.

Defend mode is also heavily catered to the hunters, since the generator areas are very open and make for easy shots on the monster, and THE HUNTERS GET TO RESPAWN WITH NO TICKS! Forget the terrain thing. It’s a stage 3 monster; the hunters need the help, but why is the whole permanent damage thing that this game is about is thrown out the window for the hunter team? Once again, all they have to do is keep one ally alive and they get a huge advantage by being full health again while it took me that 2 minutes to get one objective (assuming they haven’t kited me around, running down the respawn timer after their first downed ally). Look, the whole defend idea would be awesome, if this “permanent damage” thing wasn’t thrown out.
BTW, yes, they were running a Laz, but I made absolutely sure I killed him dead first. All the way dead. There’s no chance he got back up without any ticks naturally.

Anyone else feel this way, or have any tips for dealing with Hyde and Bucket in Nest mode? Any tips for winning defend mode as the monster if the enemy team is capable of respawning without damage?

EDIT: I figured out my problem: I was trying to play as Goliath in Defend. I guess if the hunters got the turret defenses, you play Kraken or lose. Good to know.


I don’t think hunters lose defend even if you kill all four off, it just gives you free reign over damaging their defenses. I agree that they should respawn with strikes but I’m fine with them not losing in the event of a wipe.


I consistently win Nest as a monster because once I realized how much the hunters tend to just ignore me completely and try to bust those eggs, I went for the feeding speed perk and just ignored them too. When they were done with about 3-4 eggs, I was level 3 with absolutely no health taken on me, then I just ran in and wrecked house.

Defend just requires a shift in mentality. Downing hunters helps, but isn’t the focus. You should be going in there to take out the turrets, and once those are down, your job is mostly to distract the hunters from your minions so they can continue punching the relay. There is absolutely no reason to stay in the fight once your armor is down, plenty of food around. I’ve found it perfectly possible to win as Goliath, but it is way way easier as Kraken to be sure.


See, I did exactly this, but when I had two eggs left, they split hyde alone and the Bucket/Laz/Trapper for the other. After I saved the one from the group, Hyde took the other uncontested and fled and hid until the dropship came. Then the group just went for the egg, completely ignored me as I tried to kill them or push them away from it, and took it pretty easily. This happened twice in a the same Evacuation, so, even knowing their strategy, there was nothing I could do about it.


what i usually do in nest is hatch your spawn egg (the one your spawned near) and then get your armor (full if your wraith, half if your goliath/kraken) and then go follow your minion. he should initiate a fight with the hunters fairly early. let him take a couple of hits then go in and help him and try to incapacitate the hunters as much as you can. Now decide if you think you can wipe them in stage 1 or if you should go and stage 2 and be happy with the strikes you should have put on the hunters. you must choose one of these options do not get kills then decide to go stage 2 because then the hunters won’t have the strikes once your ready to fight again, unless you can kill Laz. Always try to kill him if you can because he will take those much needed strikes from you. Hope i helped a bit.