Tips for elite Goliath?


I just don’t see myself knocking 150 hunters out of the air with rock throw any time soon. I feel like elite elite Kraken was a breeze compared to this.

And please don’t tell me to boost the stat in a custom, that’s not my style…


It honestly wasn’t to hard for me. Probably took only 10 hours for elite Goliath. I suggest maybe charging / leap smashing to get them in the air and then using rock throw. It worked for me.


Make a solo match in fusion plant with the tier 1 hunters, if you kill every hunter, leave daisy alive so they can spawn and just keeping fighting the hunters. Btw try and use the abilities that need to be mastered.


haha captain obvious to the rescue :wink:

The rock throws come with time tbh, its not something you can expect to get wrapped up in a day, but then again it is perfectly possible with enough time, they aint supposed to be easy imo, its what makes the reward more worth while imho!


just save rock throw until you are close quarters. then hold rock throw and wait until they are in the air. then release. rinse and repeat 150 times.


My solution 1 if you are on x1 don’t even waste your time till the game is patched.

That said if you are not when you are fighting a team lure them to an area with high ground and force them to come up after you (assuming they don’t have Hyde or Hank for area denial) and then throw it at them.


Thanks guys. I’ll give these methods a try. I only felt discouraged because I somehow went 7 games in a row without a single aerial rock throw hit.