Tips for Defend


Can you guys offer me any advice for Defend? I don’t remember the last time I’ve won as hunters. The turrets now do less damage and have less health so they’re not very reliable. The monster just completely recks us, it’s almost comical! The minions are also an issue, our assault is the only one that can really take them out semi quickly but including the minions that’s three monsters to worry about, so really the assault is just jumping back and forth. If and when we take out the minions we get about 45 seconds to fight the stage 3 monster before they come back. So I’m wondering what’s the best way to go about playing defend as a hunter? How do you guys play it?


Personally I treat it like hunt. Dome the monster away from the generator and tear into him. Keep up, don’t let him re-arnor. As soon as the dome is ready, rinse and repeat!


But you can’t ignore the minions? They destroy the generators rather quickly, if we chase the monster down to re dome it the minions are just walking past us going to the generator lol. Plus with it being level 3 monster it’s rather difficult to get much damage in. I’m used to fighting a level 3 when it has less than FULL health ya know?


I rarely worry about the minions. They shouldn’t be able to destroy the last generator before you take out the Alpha.


Then I guess the team I’m in including myself suck lol I don’t remember the last time I was able to take out the monster. It tends to flee and quickly regain all it’s armor and come back. Does that happen to you at all? Or is that just my team not working well enough? I usually go medic but rarely see the trapper doing their job, should I switch it up and pick trapper for such scenerios?


Well,it could be the team or it could just be that you’re up against really good monsters.

It’s not a fool proof plan, but your goal is to extend the game as long as possible so the ship can escape or kill the Alpha. So I opt for the latter unless I’m at the last generator and things are dire. Then I just try to delay delay delay.


It’s very important that the trapper remembers he can still dome the monster! Normally they’ll charge in with minions, take out the turrets then run to re-armour. DONT LET THEM RUN! Dome their ass.

Also, I find that Cabot and Torvald work wonders in Defend. They make very short work of the minions allowing you to quickly focus on the Monster.


Defend is at a somewhat rare spot at the moment.

It’s really easy to win by just ignoring the minions and going full ham on the Monster. The minions won’t make the slightest dent in the final generator before the main Monster is down.

However, if you choose to actually defend there’s a good chance the Monster combined with the minions will completely overwhelm you without the usage of a good dome once in a while, which does make the gamemode seem incredibly Monster-favored to people who do exactly what the gamemode’s title suggests.


So basically go after the monster and just f*ck shit up.



Please be my friend.


Abe he is the best trapper in defend he can instant slow the minions so ur team can kill them before they hit the generator


I’m afraid you are wrong, lately i don’t know if they also nerfed generator’s health or increased the dmg of the minions, but after the turrets nerf, if you don’t kill soon the minions, they can take down almost half of the last generator health in 1 minute/1 minute and a half, time for a dome combat against the alpha


Abe and blitz markov
Hunters 1 monster 0


yeah his gold mines can instant kill a minion O.O


I played as Wraith (one of the worst monsters to choose on defend) last night on defend to see how squishy the turrets are now. I had already felt that defend was easier for monster. I steam rolled the team I was against and I think it all comes down to the turrets.

Being that I can take out the turrets so easily makes defend boring for me as monster and frustrating as a hunter.


see I thought that was just me that felt that way like I don’t feel like ignoring the minions is an option with how much damage they do


My friends and I always have a different approach to defend. We defend the first generator hard, so focus fire on the minions and we have won games that way by running the clock out. Though if it is destroyed we sure up the area by killing any minions that are close and depending on the Alpha health we will usually hunt it down a little until it runs scared, then we rinse and repeat that after the alpha gives a push on the generators with the minions. Then hunter team is always matter on contention, but the consensus is that Val is the medic and Maggie is the trapper. Then support is argued between Cabot and Bucket and Assault is a toss up between Markov and Parnell.