Tips for dealing with Slim/Hank Combo


Just got my head curb stomped by a team with a Slim/Hank combo. Granted I wasn’t using my best monster, but I’ve never encountered such a brick wall. No matter what I hit their team with or how hard I focused anyone, Slim could keep them healthy. If I tried focusing Slim, Hank kept him shielded while everyone punished me causing massive damage. Didn’t matter who I went after, it was like beating my head against a brick wall. This isn’t a “Nerf Hank/Slim cause they’re OP thread.” I was wondering if anyone has any tips for dealing with that odd pairing.


a slim thats top notch has the most ridiculous healing in the game.

Honestly, the best thing to do is just to rush slim down -


Just target hank. If you have to mitigate at S1 and S2 then so be it but don’t “flee till 3”. No matter how much hank dodges or cloaks or orbitals himself, eventually he will only have his jetpack and slim. Slim, like every other medic, can not out-heal the monsters damage. Try taking damage bonus with Bob, it helps out a lot. I would like to see your monster gameplay as well, is it possible to put up some footage?


I was actually impressed by how he was holding the team together. It was obvious they had this planned too, cause they all stayed fairly close together. I just couldn’t quite get him though with Hank shielding him.


I haven’t done any game capture footage for years. I wouldn’t even know what program to grab anymore. Playing on PC by the way.


Try screen capture?


I’ll give that a go. I wouldn’t mind a few pointers. I’m no slouch, but I’m definitely not pro material by any means.


Yeah Slim’s healing is bonkers now.
If he takes capacity, he can unload four heal bursts with one clip.

Just Remember That Slim’s healing gets screwed up when hes hard focused. If Hank is shielding him try to get him out of LoS.


Alot of the times it’s not even the fact that they’re using a good hunter combo, but the fact that they all have a mic and can communicate.


Now Griffin, Hank, Slim and Lennox are a comp I think would be really strong atm.

Lennox to Draw that second of Aggro from Slim.



and no one seemed to believed me about slim at first :3


Yeah, it was obvious they had some good teamwork going on. I’m not soley attributing my beating to the hunter combo. They knew how to work it too.


##Slim/Hank Combo?


unless its me slim. you’re good shred.



Focus slim and break through hanks shield. If you hit enough abilities you can do this. Also kind of helps for locating slim when the shield is on him.

Slim’s spores are still in a bad place (non stop spam) so anyone who had issues with them will just have to do the best they can.


What monster were you using?


So I just had another game against the Hank/Slim combo. They also ran Parnell and Abe. An up close high damage team. As per usual with Bob, I faced a stage 1 dome. Even with the damage perk, I could not out damage Slim’s healing when trying to attack Hank. If I tried focusing slim, Hank could just keep that shield on him. Meanwhile Parnell and Abe absolutely shredded all my armor in a matter of seconds. I don’t know how to beat this combo with Bob. I forgot to record the game so I could show you guys. Slim is quickly becoming my most hated medic. lol. I’ve been crushing with Bob lately, but him and Hank keep putting an end to my winning streaks.


Wouldn’t be a problem without those beyond retarded slim spores.

Probably the most frustrating thing in the game with Sunny.


You have to go straight after slim. No exceptions.


I do, but the Hanks keep shielding and dropping orbitals. Between that and Slim’s spores and healing, I can’t get him down either. I wish I had recorded this last one to show you. I nailed every ability I threw at him and was relentless. I could not drop him with Hank there. I did everything dang near perfect. And when I tried to focus Hank, Slim could out heal the damage I was doing at Stage 1. Remember also, while all of this is going on, Abe and Parnell are tearing in to me. I’m not kidding when I say it was a matter of seconds before my armor was gone and I was losing health.