Tips for being focused?


Im not the worst when it comes to being focused. I know how to work the edges, but sometimes when I boost away and I’m being focused the monster is right on my ass again but this time I don’t have the jet pack fuel to get away. I try to put harpoon down next to me so by the time the monster catches up with my the harpoon is behind him and he gets caught buying me 2 seconds but I still go down. Any ideas how to deal with this or am I just prolonging the inevitable?


Are you talking about being the last one alive?


No, being targeted by the monster


Sometimes that’s the case if you don’t have the proper technique. If you’re just running in a straight line you’re done for. Climb up obstacles, Roach the monster, save your jetpack fuel for when you really need it.




What does that mean?


Being focused is my biggest weakness, I panic, I’ve ran out of fuel and I’m pretty much dead by then. More about the preparation I guess. As soon as the dome lands, try to be as far away from the monster as possible depending on your role. If I’m support I usually cloak at first to prepare and think what I should do next. As assault I try to stay on the monsters tail and do my best to deal damage. As medic I try to stay in the mid range to other hunters. Close enough to heal but far enough to run or boost up a ledge or just far enough to try and shake the monster off. Same goes for trapper. I dunno, sometimes no matter how much I try, the monster completely focuses on me and camps my body, not much that can be done most of the time.


Yeah its a pain lil hopefully kala can put a rest to that fear


Find a tree or rock formations and stick to them. If it’s Goliath the technique is quite simple for the other monsters it takes practice. Anything that sticks out and can break line of sight is a lifesaver just be aware what’s around the corner, a good monster will sneak pounce if you start to roach.


Tips i can tell you (im not a pro so there is surely someone who can tell you better tips than me):

Use your personal shield as soon as you get to low health (15%) and try to get healed by the medic while personal shield is up. Usually monsters stop focusing you when you use the shield and focus on other people because trying to take down your shield is a waste of time for them.

Use your cloak. Once activated walk, DO NOT USE JETPACK AT ALL, it will easily show the monster where you are making your cloak escape a failure. Use the cloak to save other team mates from focus, this escape works greatly if slim or hyde are covering you with spore cloud and flamethrowers (which are vision mitigators).

In combat, except for Slim, try to stay the furthest away from the monster. Stay on the ledges or stay on the pillars or on a higher ground than where the monster is. If you see the monster approaching you, jetpack away as fast as possible.

Most trappers can save themselves from focus by simply doing their job: bombing the monster with CC. There is only one exception: Griffin. If you get focused by the monster as Griffin you can do 3 things:

  • jetpack away
    -get (eventually) shielded by your support


As the 50th Laz in the world on Xbone, Imma give you some tips.

  1. Don’t climb high obstacles, it’s a big waste of Jetpack fuel. Stay with your team and keep a good distance away.
  2. Co-ordinate with Support for shields or a cloak.
  3. Your team plays a big part of this. If Assault isn’t cock blocking then that sucks.
  4. Run in a zigzag motion and don’t use a boost unless absolutely necessary.


Usually if a monster camps a body, people will deal as much damage as possible to it to fend it off (e.g orbital strike, toxic grenade, buckets turrets etc) with Kala’s armour reducer, it makes it way riskier to camp bodies if the monster doesn’t bother to shake her off. Then again if the monster has no armour it’s useless, but by then the monster should consider leaving the body if they take to much damage. Siren missles placed on the ground beside a monster will home in on it and deal more damage than direct hits, you get around 5/6 mines by default and around 7/8 with the capacity perk, I usually just stick with capacity. Overall, Kala is pretty good in those situations.


Breaking LOS is actually really helpful thanks


I realize now it’s more of a team effort, good tips thanks.


I usually climb high obstacles and when the monster climbs up I jump down. I underestimate the importance of jet pack fuel. Thanks for the tip


Yeah, I can’t wait to get my hands on kala, she’s gonna be a game changer


No problem, I’m only helping :smile:


Perks like jump height, movement speed, and jetpack reload can help you out a lot. I used to suck as Cabot and slim when being focused but even since I tried jump height it’s much easier to get away.


Fun game:

Ping your feet. Do a neutral boost- note how high you go.

Now take “jump height”, and repeat the test.


One thing to note is all monsters have to move forwards to turn around while hunters can spin on their axis. So as a hunter you can turn tighter and change direction faster than a monster player. So running around small to medium sized pillars/objects and using them for cover works great against almost every monster.

Use high ground for behemoth. Use cover for kraken and sometimes wraith. Run around small vehicles/small pillars against goliath/wraith.

Save jetpack boost to dodge big damage attacks.