Tips for behemoth


I am elite goliath and kraken player: I was hoping to get some tips since i have a hard time getting to evolve and getting away from Hunters, so how do u Guys stay alive as behemoth


I’d say use the Rockwall as a block on a smaller passageway then roll away but I haven’t touched the behemoth as of yet


Reserving space for when I finish writing up my most likely extensive guide on how to not get rekt


Yah but the rock wall is soooooo buggy it is hard to depend on it.
Imo it does not even Work half the time


its all about area denial. deny with the rock wall, the lava bombs, and the fissure and snare the hunters into your traps with your tongue. also, the fissure travels through the rock wall, and normally they would see it coming. however, if it skips right over, they wont know what hit em. also, its good for knocking away hunters trying to get over your wall. channel your inner old man and scream "GET OFF MY LAWN" the only downside to this is the CD, which keeps you from denying constantly (others would call it spamming, I call it surviving) so use the cooldown reduction perk


Haven’t played him myself yet, only against him about 5 times… but those slows man. No matter the Trapper, or even Val. If you are slowed you lose so bloody much health without any means of avoiding damage short of putting up a wall. Yet the Wall cd is obviously not on par with the no cd slows of the Hunters… And don’t get me started on that weakspot on behemoth… it’s like 2x damage multiplier all day long no matter where you shoot. And going against Torvald + Cabot is borderline bs as behemoth.

Making 50% of the slowest Monster a 2x damage multiplier weakspot is a pretty bad move tbh.


You couldn’t be more wrong about Behemoth’s weak spot.

It’s the red rectangle, not the yellow one.


When he uses lava bomb or fissure, it becomes nearly wide as the yeallow one, and besides, the scales are different, so its a lot bigger than it seems


behemoth’s head isn’t included in the weak spot, just his belly. why don’t you people get this?