Tips for becoming Vegetarian


I’ve recently decided to try becoming vegetarian, so for all you that have already, any tips?


Eat vegetables and fruits only.


I’m actually curious as to why, by the way.


The obvious answer is above.

Seriously though, take a look at chinese supermarkets for tofu related foods (they do more of them, in more flavours and textures). A chinese takeaway we use does “vegetarian duck spring rolls” and it’s just finely sliced (and textured) tofu fried until crispy and it works pretty well as a substitute.

Substitute is the word here, vegetarianism is basically childs play thanks to brands like Quorn. I personally prefer the taste and feel of vegetarian “mince” because it holds its own mass better than minced beef usually does (unless you’re used to buying super posh minced steak or something). Stir fries don’t need meat either, though Quorn like chicken pieces (not actually chicken, obvs) will fill the gap. Nor does mexican (again, see chicken or mince substitutes).

Look for greek recipes for stuffed vegetables. This will be aubergines, peppers, large tomatoes filled with a filling that is a mix of the inside of the vegetables, rice, yoghurt, mint, sultanas, dill, pine nuts, etc. It’s an amazing taste.

Omelettes are quick and easy, assuming you’re not becoming vegan (don’t become vegan). As are pasta dishes in general. Frittata’s are a great more filling meal as you get the protein from the eggs as well as the carbs from the pasta (with some veg thrown in for nutritional value).

Generally speaking you can cook anything that is with meat without it (substituting in bulky veg, tofu, or Quorn like meat substitutes), unless the meal is “meat with something”. Like you’ll be able to do a vegetarian stew, curry, stir fry, burrito, fajita, omelette, tagine, pizza, pasta, risotto, lasagne, soup, pie, etc… just take a meat recipe and use vegetarian versions of meaty ingredients (and be careful where there is the implication that fat from meat would help with the cooking to replace it with butter or vegetable oil). But you won’t be able to do vegetarian T-Bone steak and chips.

Source: My wife was a vegetarian for like 8 years at the start of our relationship, I was functionally vegetarian at home.


There is a mexican “lasagne” meal that I have a recipe for here, I’ll see if I can grab a picture of it and the greek stuffed veg one, two of our favourite veggie meals. If you haven’t seen me reply by the end of tomorrow it’s because I’m busy so just remind me by tagging me!


Step 1: Don’t.

Jk ily, but I have no idea what its all about lol


Watch the documentaries about meat and food processing, it might make it easier if you become revolted by the way things are done now-a-days.

I’d also suggest making sure you meal plan each week, it’ll make it easier if you have a plan and supplies on-hand so you aren’t making choices about what to eat while you’re starving.


Just how vegan do you want to be? Will you still eat fish or eggs or not anything that casts a shadow? I briefly toyed with the idea of being vegan but I just can’t. I love the taste of meat too much. I couldn’t turn down a good pulled pork or a filet mignon…even a hotdog. I adore jerky. Yes, I have seen many of the food documentaries and I am revolted by them, but also know some of that is staged, or taken years ago, or from different worldly locations than the US or UK. I detest the way animals are treated in general and wish I could just kill my own food all the time, but that’s not realistic. I still substitute my diet with bison and venison meats when I’m able which were hunted or killed in humane ways. I support hunting also, especially when you eat what you kill. Realistically, I believe there is a huge push for people to turn from meat and go for insects for their protein BECAUSE of the inhumane methods used now for farming for meats. I think it’s all just a ploy though. If they wanted to improve the system they very well could. But, I don’t know your reasons for wanting to try vegan so maybe they have nothing to do with animal welfare. It would be healthier though, than store-bought meats. I wouldn’t totally eliminate meat from your diet but maybe substitute with hunted meats and nuts…more of a raw diet…I forget what they call it but it’s like caveman dieting where you eat the foods that ancient humans used to, food minus processing. That would be the healthiest way because even the veggies are often loaded with pesticides and unhealthiness if you buy them from the store.


Because the meat industry contributes to 15% of CO2 emissions while also using more than the surface of Africa for pastures, not including the land used to grow the food that the animals eat. The animals also require an unsustainable amount of water.

The whole meat industry is unsustainable. So I’ve decided to not support it. We all will need to eventually. Except the extremely wealthy.


Not to mention all the crap like steroids and such they give the animals so they can butcher them faster or to make the meat last longer without going bad. I haven’t completely given up red meat but I have cut down on how much I eat and where I buy it from.

There’s a large organic farm in Farmington, Minnesota (original name huh? lol) that gives their meat to certain places. And the Valley Natural Foods nearby actually butchers their own cattle from a nearby farm. So it’s super fresh and cleanly grown.


I’d would check out:

I’d recommending trying out veganism because it is healthier than vegetarianism, but either one is going to be healthier than being an omnivore.


Still going to eat eggs. No fish though.[quote=“skills4u2envy, post:10, topic:87448”]
Not to mention all the crap like steroids and such they give the animals so they can butcher them faster or to make the meat last longer without going bad.

I have known this for years. Disgusting? Yes. Enough to make me vegetarian? No.

We all got to be more sustainable, and, at least for me, a diet change seems the most effective while also being relatively easy.

I will most likely eat meat from time to time, but it would be [quote=“skills4u2envy, post:10, topic:87448”]
super fresh and cleanly grown.

because it is sustainable.

For those wondering

this is what finally did it for me.


Ron wouldn’t


Why not collect your own meat then?



I’ve eaten all sorts of stuff raw.

Also raw meat is not a valid argument since we ruined our own evolution with fire. Fire is the reason we no longer eat raw meat.



You also don’t digest plant protein as efficiently as animal protein so more is needed.

Also dont forget the problem of getting all your amino acids.

I’m not trying to dissuade anyone either. Just stating the things I know.


I make a mean broccoli, dill and feta cheese omelet for breakfast. It’s delicious.


Legumes have a high amount of lysine, the amino acid that is typically low in a vegan diet.