Tips for assaults that are experienced at hunting and monster


As an experienced hunter as an assault character I just want to know about other techniques to be a even better hunter


When your team splits up try to stay with the weakest character in the group, ( normally the medic or the trapper )

Use all your weapons to your disposal, unless there is a 0 chance for them to be usefull.

Markov mines take 3 or so seconds to arm, they can be stepped on but won’t do damage until they are ready.

When the monster is attacking you, make him KEEP attacking you.

Never stay away from the monster in a fight.


Thanks I assumed that as beside being the damage of the team I’m also the sponge or brick as I can take the most of the fight without breaking easily and when the team is grouped up about to get into combat I’m supposed to be in front as I need to draw the attention of the monster


Indeed, if you die first, thats good, unless u died to a megamouth or something else, lol.


Is there anyone really ‘Experienced’ at this game except TRS devs and 2K ppl? ;o


GentlemanSquirl gave good advice for splitting into teams of 2 to track the monster out, where the trapper and support are together in the center as the assault and medic follow tracks.


Well I think people who have played like in the alpha and plan on playing in the beta as I played the alpha and have a Xbox 1


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I agree with all of this lol. Basically make yourself as annoying as possible so you can’t be ignored. Obviously try not to die because then your team can’t do damage to the monster without you, but if you do die it’s not that big a deal because that generally means you were (usually) doing a good job by being to much of a threat to ignore.

Also recognize when you are playing a monster player who sees the value of a quick down on the assault (such as myself). You need the assault up and shooting if you want to win and some monster players will take the damage to focus an assault down. Sometimes when you pop the personal shield you might want to think about beating a retreat until another teammate can agro the monster.


Oh yeah here is another one.

Time your shield uses, monsters may bait you into doing so.


Don’t pop it until you are going to die and not a second sooner lol.


A little before then, make sure the monster is FOCUSED on you and its not baiting you on it.

But not when you are weak enough to get taken out by 1 ability.


Its my opinion that the Assault should never try to tank damage.

The Assault’s focus should only be on dealing optimal damage the entirety of the fight.

Staying alive as long as possible.

Damage is the only incentive a monster has to leave a fight. If your teams in danger the only way to convince the monster to leave is to damage it.

I think the Assault should be the most risk-averse person on the team, as their only utility is damage, and the monster’s only weakness is damage.

The monster if its playing correctly should alternate targets between those most vulnerable and that usually means the Assault and the Assault’s shield sort of act as a feign death…they give the monster a huge reason to disengage.

That utility exists no where else and its for a reason. There is literally no reason an Assault should some how try to bait the monster’s attention. You want your Assault ignored for as long as possible, literally the entire fight.

The team make-up might alter this to the point where you could potentially have a class setup where one person tanking damage is actually acceptable, with the heal beam/nades and the support’s tank shield…but that’s still not optimal use of either ability, if thats all you think they aught to be used for.

There are minor side-grade utility that increases team survivability and creates potential damage, for instance the mines…so I’m not saying don’t help the team…but the goal at the top of the bulletin board for the Assault should be “Deal as much damage as humanly possible.”

My advice for anyone wanting to become a better assault is to look up info on positioning, weapon damage stats, reload rates/recharge rates, optimal item/jet pack/weapon cycles, ability rotations, and map information, to pre-plan positioning.


I agree with Zomnivore.

Don’t try and get attention, but always be attacking, or setting up a good position to deal the most amount of damage. You are not a tank, you are DPS, who just happens to have a shield. When the monster is focused on you, you are not dealing damage, if you die or are incapped first, you are not dealing damage. That is your role.


I agree, I feel it is the trappers responsibility to get the monsters attention. Not to tank but to evade the attack and keep slowing the monster down.


Imo, the assault is THE most underrated member of the hunter team. A good hunter team can make up for the absence of a support, a trapper, or even a medic by using their jetpacks efficiently and having good sense of timing and map awareness.

But if you don’t have your assault, you won’t be dealing much damage. Not consistently. The assault is the ticking timer for the monster of every fight. It’s a damage race between the assault and the monster. Don’t be afraid to tank hits with the shield but don’t just mindlessly charge, without you the monster can kill hunters at his leisure.


I don’t think damage as a form of utility is unique to the assault…the alpha had too small a playset for me to grasp whether or not damage as a form of utility was more unique in how it was given disproportionately to the assault.

With the revealed trapper, I’m beginning to think that damage isn’t as unique as it was with the alpha-cast of hunters.

Still, in general as a rule the assault shouldn’t need to try to tank, the monster should already be motivated enough to attack a high source of damage.

The shield as a form of disengage still makes sense, and highlights the obvious…that the Assault doesn’t need to be the focus of the monster’s attention to provide the team optimal utility.


The assault should be dealing more damage than the rest of team combined.