Tips for a new Abe player


I have heard a lot of good things about him but i dont know how to really play him?

  • Be prepared for the fact that using Abe can often lead to conceding the first stage or even first 2 stages if you’re up against an effective and sneaky Monster and your team doesn’t have very good instincts
  • Tag EVERY animal you see, in the late game when you’re finally on the Monster you’ll definitely appreciate the likely hits and it is a good chance for the Monster to accidentally help you find him quicker
  • Be extra sure any wildlife your team kills (or corpses that aren’t eaten) you tag
  • For lame-ish perk animals consider killing them all and tagging them to entice the Monster if they still are just Stage 1 or even 2 and you haven’t gotten a bead on them
  • Once you say something about the dome coming down be sure to switch to tracking darts to dart the Monster and then hit him with a Stasis Grenade. If you’re able to do this stay on its ass and keep up the Stasis Grenades to keep it encumbered
  • Especially against the Kraken the Stasis Grenades should be a priority to keep it closer to the ground and out of the high air where it would prefer to sit. Wraiths are important to try to slow down as well
  • If you’re in a situation where you can set up a defense be sure to set up a Stasis Grenade perimeter
  • This last one is more how I play Trapper in general but to me a key job for Trapper is to actively piss the Monster off and to try to get it to focus you. While your dome is of strategic value you’re not a healer, you’re just middling on damage, so in many ways losing you is the most manageable. Annoy the Monster, get in a decent range, look like a good target. Let your Assault stay focused on wailing on the Monster and keep your Medic from getting focused. Abe is particularly good for this as his shotgun performs well at range (space shots about a second for accuracy) and up-close his rapid fire bursts do some good damage, just be sure you’re aiming for weak points or the head, not just spraying randomly