Tips are not really much help with Goliath as a noob i just found out!


I just somehow managed to get three hunt games in a row, (strange) but was with a team that clearly new how the game worked and knew how to work as a team, They either caught up using maggie or leaped using Kala, You need to evolve to stage 2 atleast before hes any use, Supposedly the same power as a team, :confused: which I highly doubt if the team is good, 4 guns and sky lazy on your head at a near constant rate! that is gonna do more damage than you can impact on any team,

But anyway, All I had to do is run/creep any direction and they had me, Id say it took them less than 2 mins either time, I used speed perk or smell Distance 75% range, some maps have an 8 shape to them, against maggie and daisy that is useless, it cuts goliaths range or movement down, dont forget there are 4 hunters,5 including daisy, so spread out and fine but your screwed,

So has anyone got any tips on what i might to help goliath in these situations? Im sure all monsters have the same issue’s but If you are a stage 1 and the team catches you its all the same


I always assume that I will be caught in a dome at stage 1, will have to survive the first dome and try to evolve right after that only to fight again right away.

This is the way it plays out almost every time against premade groups. With that said the best way to survive is to leap and run right at the start and do not slow down or back track. Use your traversal and leap smash to move as fast as you can across the map.

As you stop to eat do not stop for long, you must keep moving. Don’t worry about you footprints or scaring birds too much, just run and eat.

When they dome you go ahead and fight but keep moving around a lot to mitigate how much damage you take. As soon as that dome drops you should be ready or close to ready to evolve. Run all the way across the map, evolve and do it all over again.

This is what I usually have to do and might be what you are doing right now, but hopefully it helps.


Did you see my tips? I don’t want to link them here if you’ve seen them already.
They were the Monster Tactics threads. Look there if you haven’t already. Read my tips and others in the threads and see if that helps.


thanks man, Great advice, I tend to worry about them catching up a little too much and creeping to slow daisy a bit, generally trying to distance myself as much as possible and leave as little trace at the same time, so birds give it away all too easily, so should I use the traversal perk or speed eating?

I just got slaughtered badly, I generally dont win, I spend too much time waiting for a hunt match to actually get practice and remember what I need to improve on, If matches where back to back I’d be a pro compared to what I am now, This is what I would do usually playing any other game, I could play against bots but they follow you directly foot prints or not, then its just the same boring battle again and again, Might improve fighting skills but wont do anything for your hunt skills, People wont see you hide in a bush, bots dont see the bush, to a bot I’m an idiot hiding in a corner,


thanks will check it out


I know what you mean about long wait times and getting practice. You feel rusty every game because you waited so long. Thankfully I have been finding matches on XB1 really fast as of late and I don’t know why.

As for the perk to choose… if you are able to land your abilities most of the time I would go with damage perk. For instance, I always take 2 in leap smash and 1 fire breath at stage one. With the damage perk I can usually get at least 1 hunter down in that first dome, and if it is the trapper this gives you a minute to run as the dome drops.

When you figure out what hunter to take down you must focus on him until he is down, don’t switch up your targets or they will capitalize on juggling you around.

When attacking I do this…
-start with the normal melee on a hunter near your target.
-while still facing that hunter aim your leap smash towards you true target as fast as you can. This catches them off guard.

  • as soon as the smash is complete and they are still tumbling use fire breath. Keep the flames aimed at him until it is complete
    -now melee that target until he is down.
    -if he gets any distance from you you can traversal jump towards him and hit him with melee mid air. This usually stuns them for a second giving you a chance to do the leap and fire on them again.

Movement speed or feeding speed is good for getting to stage 3 but damage perk is better if you can land abilities.

Lots of words, sorry.


Do you own Behemoth?

What rank are you on hunt mode?


I have Behemoth but dont really play him often at all, in hunt mode using goliath I honestly dont remember, I think its approx 400 ish, I won 1 game lost 1 game about a month ago, it doesnt work on pc, no players when im on, I can search for an hour without even a blip to say someone got picked up,

Cheers for the advice I will take it onboard, I have also got Evolve on Xbox 1, havent played it online yet and dont know if its worth it for the subscription, I dont wanna pay the sub then be in the exact same boat as I am now on pc, Can you get ranked matches on xbox 1? is there a long usual wait around? I dont mind waiting like 10 mins but last time I got a game it took 40 mins, now none, 40 mins is a joke on any game on any system, game lasts 20 mins, you just played for 20 mins but spent an hour on that one game,


For me the wait time for ranked as monster on XB1 was so long that at one point I had played Evolve all day and only found a couple matches. Within the last month though I have been finding games within 10min. Not sure what changed because I am at the same rank and play at the same times.

I think I saw in another thread you say you are in Ireland. That might have a lot to do with the wait times as well. I live on the West coast of USA and I tend to get matched with people from California. Cali has a huge population.


Ha, nice to see you’re doing better.

So, uh, you saying tips don’t help much? Then let me kindly refer to the last post I worked my ass off on and simply revise the effort I took into it, thankyou.


If I change my region to Cali on steam do you think that might help? that surge you are experiencing is probably from the new kala and kraken that where introduced recently along with the poison frog skin weekend


Yea my post up top explains more than I did in the heading, I was pitched against a team that actually worked together perfectly and knew their positions and their classes, also obviously knew the maps better than I did, so what happened was I was found in less than 2 mins, leaping across the map and feeding and boom, domed and dead, nothing to hide behind or climb on top of, if there was they where relentless and I was wiped out, Im looking for tips against these really good teams at the mo, I have met good teams before and got hammered a bit but I very very rarely get caught at stage 1, within 3 game they had me stage 1 twice in a row,

Any tips on these kinda guys? I ask because they where embarrassingly good, they really should have clan names in evolve, see the name you know what your in for :slightly_smiling:


You might find games faster but have high ping due to the long distance. Worth a try I would say!


Trying it doesn’t appear any different yet :confused:


You need to practice in customs perhaps? Or maybe in quickplay? I didn’t play Goliath for a while, so I felt like I was a new player picking up Goliath for the first time. I knew the combos, and general gist of what I needed to do, but I couldn’t execute. I had to practice for a couple of weeks, playing Goliath every so often. I’m starting to get back into him, and getting the feel back. It will take some time.

Try to use terrain and wildlife to your advantage. It will be hard, since a good team will be on top of wildlife quickly, and will usually be mindful of terrain (but if you catch them off guard, they may be slow in reacting and regrouping).

What you need is to have a feeding route for each map. You need to know where you’re going to go before you start. You want to fill up your energy meter to at least 3/4 before the hunters drop (this might be a stretch in some maps and will depend on if you get a good spawn).

Don’t bother sneaking against Daisy. You should only sneak for jukes, and even then, you should go back to running and leaping soon after you get by the hunters.

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any Idea what I do when goliath becomes slow and unreponsive until its too late, I swing at a hunter with a back hander and he pauses approx 2 seconds, by this time the hunter has moved well out of the way, its so annoying as it takes so long to get around to a fight in Hunt mode to loose just because it acts up, I dont know if the issue is to do with connection but he seems to register damage as normal, this causes leap smash and rock throws being completely wasted,

I have gotten a bit better using tips I get on these forums, I appreciate the help, without the help I may have given up a while ago, Likes of changing movement speed perk to traversal makes so much sense, but these are thing I dont risk as games are usually tough to get as monster, and you wanna pick what ya think might win.

Goliath Is tough to master, I could go from goliath to kraken and have an easier time and win in offline mode, Goliath sint really as well covered and has to aim everything he does, kraken sends out siren mines for example, not much aiming involved in comparison to rock throwing especially when rock throw takes up half the screen almost lol


Goliath derps out on me constantly but he is my favorite monster overall.

If the hunters get just out of melee range after you use your abilities you can either-

-You a traversal towards them, even if it is a small distance and melee before landing.
-Quickly crouch and pounce them. Even if you are brought out of the pounce instantly from being shot this closes the gap between you and that hunter. You can also pounce them right before you see that they are going to try and jet pack boost or climb a wall. Be prepared to use an ability right after being pulled off of the pounce.


I really enjoy a three point leap smash combined with a rock throw (you’re so close you cant possibly miss) , finish with a fire breath and if that doesnt do the trick, traversal quickly to the Hunter and do Charge against it, by the time you have done that, its a simple rinse and repeat.

OG Goliath is such a brawler in that aspect, I love it. I play Kraken as well, but Goliath is really my favorite :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially against Laz…I hate Laz


That’s really a lag issue. Can’t do much about it, apart from trying to make sure you aren’t downloading or using your internet in lots of places, I guess.


Goliath is by far my favourite Monster to use, But he can be very clunky and annoying, climb a stone stack and the steps on it they stop him running when your in a hurry, so irritating when hunters are on your ass, he is fun to play with but I wish he was as smooth to play with online as smooth as he is offline in solo,

Sometimes I get a delay with him, I use a controller on pc, maybe thats an issue! but hitting buttons and no response until you hit a second time r third, this can mean win or loose if it happens a couple of times. I do try refrain from fancy button work because if this button reaction lag.

Cheers for the tips and I have used traversal and it comes in handy