Tips and tricks for Wraith and Gorgon


Any tips and tricks for monsters ?!I would like to try change sides from hunters to monster and tried to play few if not 10 of games with Wraith and Gorgon but I SUCK !I dont suck like I just started playing I suck like I never played Evolve before! What perks are the best for them?I play bots on "favors hunters"difficulty but other people are MUCH more harder to beat! Anyways thanks for tips!


Dude, Gorgon is my main homie. Got anything in particular you’d like help with?


Stick the advice in these threads so that others know where to go to get help!


First thing to do is get used to your controls. I suggest playing against bots in training with Arena (with preference set to monster). Bots generally coordinate fine so they will be a good first step if you are able to overcome that. Later on you can increase the difficulty.

If you play with Mouse and keyboard, try to change your keybindings to something that is more comfortable. For example, two of my monster abilities are on two mouse buttons (which I can click faster than for example pressing the standard “3” or “4” on the keyboard).

As @niaccurshi already posted, look at the two discussion threads for additional tips or interesting perk sets to try out. For example melee increase perks are handy with Wraith, damage reduction and traversal perks are good for Gorgon.

But most of all, keep practicing, playing monster is more difficulty.


What perks do you use?Strategy for fight?


Play some solo and try out the perks until you find what you like. The rest is just practice.

I take Brawler and 2x Endurance with Gorgon. It simply fits my style. Other perk combos are good too.


Strike when it counts. Dealing equal damage to everyone will not give you strikes, but pounding on a hunter protected by shield burst, healing field, medgun/nades/rockets and shield projector/jetpack booster won’t work either. Don’t use brute force, adapt to current situation like water takes shape of any container it’s put in. And if you can’t take advantage of the situation you’re in you have two options: create an opportunity yourself (by separating a hunter from their team, for example) or run.


For Wraith

  1. Learn her bloody one shot combo
  2. Never in any circumstances put points in Supernova
  3. Invest in T3 CDR
  4. Learn to hit that Abduct

Perks : Damage Reduction | Feed/Movement | CDR


1 Warpblast (For domes)
1 Abduct (For domes)
2 Decoy (For domes and increased health for more survivability)
0 Supernova (This skill’s a disgrace)

  • As much as possible try to not fight at stage 1 and avoid getting caught

3 Warpblast (Maxed. Main damage ability)
1 Abduct (Remain as is for now)
3 Decoy (Maxed for more survivability)

  • Try not to take too much HP damage. If you have 2 strike on key targets think about going stage 3 and finish the fight before you take too much dmg.

3 Warpblast
3 Abduct
3 Decoy

Your combo will be Warpblast(500ish)>Abduct(500ish)t>HeavyAttack(230)

  • If you have CDR perks after the combo you Warpblast will be off CD adding up another 500 dmg.
  • Always left click after an Abduct usually it will be a heavy attack which deals 230 dmg (much better than SN)
  • Always keep the decoy up. It’s part of your survivability
  • Teleport everywhere (preferably up) to get a high ground adv and to make yourself harder to hit
  • If you didn’t get a strike inside the dome GTFO immediately
  • Use Warpblast as a movement ability (if they hit you Warpblast’s CD will hasten)


Thank you so much :blush:


Best advice would be search on twitch/youtube for matches…and never trust people that tell you to use decoy as a main ability. Decoy is what the name says, just a decoy that maybe confuses the hunters a bit in a fight. It can also do some damage to new players, but that’s about it. 1 point in Decoy is ok at Stage 2, to do it when you have someone in a corner without jetpack.

Supernova is not much better than decoy, but it does put around 180 DPS on everyone that’s in your proximity. If you use it when the hunters are bunched/do not have jetpack to run/in a corner, it’s not really bad. The bad part is that you’re a sitting duck while using it.

My recommendation is 3 Warpblast 1 abduct at S1, for extra warpblast range, radius and damage. Abduct is a decent damage dealer. As of perks, either very offensive Hunger + Poison + Poison (remember to melee people constantly to apply the poison, that’s 49DPS) , or Hunger + speed + speed, so that you can actually juke/avoid out of combat, and confuse them more while in the dome.


I main Gorgon and run with traversal regen (console maybe something similar?) When against Gorgon you battle her traversal more than her.
Sad bout her nerf though :cry: deployables no more go byebye?


For Wraith there is not much to follow. You are either good and own it or you are bad. There is no balance like with the Goliath. When I get owned using Wraith by some mighty team I say you have to gitgud to myself. No excuse at all.


I love using gorgon… Im using Hunger for Minor Perk, Mutated Recovery for Major Perk, Evolved Recovery for Superior Perk. all T3. The reason i go for CDR, the acid spit… it does damage over time and let hunters waste their jetpack fuel, or for combo damage, i did web snare, then acid spit. my spider trap always for assault. so it can keep the assault away from me. in overpowered map, with 3 damage/cdr perk + 1 damage resistance perk, i can counter hunters at stage 1 without afraid. this is just my playstyle. maybe someone have better way to play gorgon. im still learning.

Here the video i did most time in overpowered map. In other map, i did same tactic, but just for strike.

Gorgon Stage 1 in Overpowered Map


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Fun tip and my personal favorite tactic as wraith: You can abduct downed hunters and reposition them on cliffs or anywhere the other hunters have to get past you to save them.