Tips against Kraken


I’ve recently ran into a couple of good Krakens and they have decimated my Swanson powers so I would just like to know what characters are good against it and maybe some general tips as well.



The biggest one? AIM FOR THE HEAD. I play Kraken, and let me tell you it is very hard to avoid getting shot in the head. Make sure your trapper is on the ball.

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I think the best trapper against kraken is Abe, he drags it down like no ones business, Medic is Val, she can drag down and as long as you guys dont clump up she can keep all you guys healthy
Hank cuz hank is godtier, Beard OP pls nerf
Assault is whoever, i have yet to discover the best



Trapper needs to be on the harpoon or stasis grenades. As a good kraken player a Griffin that does his job harpooning me is annoying.

If Carrie is the medic I won’t engage until stage two because unless I want to lose health she can out most of my attacks at stage one.

Markov is the best assult because his lightning gun has the most range, his mines are useless though.

Hank is probably the best suport against the kraken because of his shield.

My biggest tip is to catch the kraken in stage one. If I evolve to stage two I don’t lose



I’m guessing that Hyde isn’t the most effective assault against the Kraken, because my team was composed of Hyde, Slim, Crow, and myself as Hank and the Kraken only lost its armor at stage 1 while my teammates all had strikes.



Hyde is excellent against a Kraken after the recent patch. Toxics stop him from flying in one spot and peppering you with lightning, the Minigun is now accurate and powerful enough to deliver a lot of damage- especially since you can headshot easily with it now- and the Flamethrower is perfect for those short windows when Kraken is grounded.



The best tips against Kraken is to treat the game like a FPS. Have everyone stay OFF the fricken high ground, Kraken loves you when you do this, and hide near a wall of acceptable height. All of the Kraken’s main abilities require line of sight. Just duck behind a wall if it’s targeting you while the 3 other teammates shoot Kraken.

Even if you do small damage eventually you will win. The secret to Kraken is not getting strikes because Kraken has a relatively easier time than other monster to follow up/with a domino chain/effect.

Also, STOP standing on the high ground. You will be vortexed and murdered in no time. Also makes LS really easy to hit.




You are an imposter.

The real Ron Swanson would never ask for hunting tips, but rather would build a hand-crafted ladder made of only the finest mahogany wood Shear has to offer. Once said ladder is complete…he would climb to the top of it and simply shoot the infernal beast in the face. Afterwards, the delicious steaks carved from its still warm body will be consumed along with an ice cold beer.



:trapper: > :assault:
CC is king. he who CCs is pub hero vs. :kraken_stare:

any other monster:
:trapper: = :assault:
:trapper: = :medic:
:trapper: = :support:

if you think its a problem, then that’s your opinon, but I think its good because it changes up playstyle (plus trapper is my favorite class)



Anyone but Torvald or Hyde considering one is close range and the other you need to be higher than what you are trying to shoot at



Actually Hyde is surprisingly effective, his nades make temporary no fly zones, his minigun is really accurate nowadays so its easy to shred them with headshots, and if you can dodge a vortex then you have a free moment to boost up and melt its fuckin face



torvald is a perfect boss against kraken

most of the players just didnt figured it out yet

sunny is also very good vs kraken because she can shield with her drone and even better she can make you dodge his attacks like no one else

i would prefer sunny as first choice vs kraken

hank is only good for damage reduction but it is better if you dont take any damage at all

my lineup vs kraken would be:

:lazarus: :sunny: :griffin_2: torvald

the perks to play with would be

jetpack boost for laz since he will receive alot of heat from the kraken and need to dodge his attacks alot
sunny will go for capacity and will focus her eye on laz and griffin to boost them whenever the kraken’s is using his abilitys on em

griffin should also go for jetpack perk since the kraken could decide to get him down first to deactivate the dome



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A good markov is probably the best against the kraken because his assault rifle deals consistent damage. Dealing consistent damage to the kraken is key, since it has the 2nd lowest hp of all the monsters.

A good val that can hit tranqs is the best medic.

Hank or sunny are both good for different reasons. Hank’s shield has better control and his cutter is more effective against the kraken than the mini nuke. Sunny has an automated shield and the jp booster, so she has more defensive options.

A good abe or crow is annoying.



Fighting against Kraken:

A good trapper is key. If you cannot trap this monster, you cannot kill it. It’s currently one of the most mobile monsters out there. When taking him down, having slow impairing effects is useful, but acual harpoons are better. Maggi and Griffin really shine at this point as he WANTS TO GET AWAY from you early on… Harpoons aren’t just a slow, they’re a stop.

Don’t chase him around the dome. Anticipate him. He wants you to run into his vortex and mines. Circle around the other side and hit him with everything ya got.

As he gets more powerful: Terrain becomes your advantage instead of disadvantage: Breaking LOS is very important when your team start faltering.

Also, don’t bunch up… kraken loves that.