Tip : More Jetpack Fuel


Hunters should have more fuel or lower consumation because it’s very boring go around by foot or following the monster waiting for a partial reload of the jetpack. I think that, with some time, people will be bored of this continuous run by foot. On 20 min of gameplay, 15 are running and remaining part the real action.


But if you had more fuel etc etc then you would catch up with the Monster easier and then Monster players will be asking to nerf it… I think it’s fine as is.

Heck, you can pick up perks or use power-ups…


Yeah you need to conserve it, just double tap and not hold and smash. Plus you need to learn to predict where monster is heading so you can get there in a shorter distance and time. You’ll never catch him if you follow footprints step for step


Be more conservative with you jet pack. When chasing only use it to get past gaps and try to stay up high. When you double boost you will get more distance from a higher elevation.


just manage it better or choose perks that fix this issue for you. its balanced so you have to be good and choose what makes you better.


I’m fine with Hunting taking a good portion of time, so long as it is successful enough that it forces fights.

However, I am of the opinion that maps need to have less extreme elevation - or - Hunters need to have better fuel / wall climbing to compensate.

High platforms are a huge advantage to Monsters when they are playing defensively, which is most of the game.

At Stage 3 with full armor and high health, it matters little what small delay Hunters may gain by perching on them.

Perhaps Hunters could receive an in-combat fuel boost to mirror the Monster’s stamina regen in combat?


I understand this issue. Like even with the 200% buff plus the perk you can take it seems to have no effect and you use it at the same rate.


thank you for all your opinions. we will discover if this situation can be a problem in a month or two.