Tip for protocol Error!


I got this message 7times in 1 game. i restarted the evolve game and it stopped for 10 games then came back…


Perhaps recategorize this to the new “Bugs” section? Nice solution, though. Hope it gets fixed for you.


I did it here cause most wont go to bug forum


All the devs do, and they’re who need to see it. I strongly recommend recategorizing it so that it can be fixed. Good luck in the meanwhile.


I’ve tried all manner of things and from experience I can tell you this is more likely a lucky bounce, at least in terms of 10 games without an issue. When I get one I tend to try one more game and then when I get a second I restart. I think my current record for games without a kick, whether I restart the game or cycle my router, etc is 2. Very aggravating but happy for you if you can keep it at bay longer.


It happens to me like that too! You’ve been playing awhile and you’re like " Hey I haven’t had Protocol Error in awhile!" Then the next game it happens two in a row.