Tip for hunter cloak


when you are playing laz or any support you will sometimes need to get away, and when you do so you want to use cloak, but for some reason it always hits you while cloaked. there is a reason, you move.

when you jetpack, the monster can see the flames, hence making it easy to whack you out of the air…

when you move, the monster sees red footprints.

do NOT move, this is the proper way of using cloak, get out of line of sight, pop cloak and stand completely still, even if he is coming directly at you, do NOT move. most of the time it will walk past you and you are safe, i know this is hard because your body screams to run away, but you need to fight it, and just stand still…

i hope this help some of the newer players.


Useful advice is useful.


Good advice. I’d also add that if you have to move then you want to try hovering, using the jetpack sparingly to minimise how long the blue flame is visible but also minimise how many prints you leave. Also, damage reveals you momentarily and being on fire will make you visible.


To add to this, if you are Laz facing a Goliath, Always wait until you see him use fire breath before you cloak. Otherwise he’ll use it as soon as you disappear and find you.