Tinnitus, permanent or temporary?


I developed tinnitus and a clogged ear feeling from 1 day feeling ill, 1 week later it’s still there. My doctor said it’s probably a clogged sinus. I used ear drops and am now on salt nose spray but neither have helped. There’s not much information about this on the internet either. I’m afraid I’ll have this for the rest of my life, I just want silence. I’m hoping to find other people who can share their experience dealing with it. - Edit: Thank all of you for replying even when most have no clue what it is yet are still trying to help :heart: , I’ve learned it may be ‘Sinitus’ and not Tinnitus. Of course I’ll keep going to the doctor but I can’t in the weekend.


Firstly, I’m sad to say I don’t have tinnitus, so I can’t really share anything. Now before you shoot the messenger here, I read through wikipedia ( I know everyone makes fun of it for being a dumb resource ), however it gives a lot of information on it.
Secondly, I believe that if it’s not getting better despite your doctor prescribing something for you, you gotta go back and tell him it’s not getting better or it’s the same. Tinnitus is supposedly common, though it doesn’t really state how long it can last, or atleast not what I’ve read (I might’ve missed it.). I know consulting the internet is a dumb thing but there are some things online which can actually help. If you listen to loud music/are around loud noises I’d advise taking to a quiet place, if you do want to listen to music or whatnot, you should keep the sound to a minimum, sadly this is probably gonna effect your hearing in Evolve since you kinda need to really listen.
Uuh… Yeah… I’m sorry if I dont have much advice here, it’s all I can think of. Keep the eardrops up if you’ve still got a clogged ear, if you have a cherry pit cushion/hot waterbottle, use one of those and lay on your side (on the ear that’s clogged) during night time, it’ll melt any wax in your ear and might shift that.
The wiki also states that “Talk and sound therapy” is a supposed treatment.

TLDR though; Get back to the doctors if nothing is helping


I would say if you are not happy with how your issue is being treated by your current doctor (GP, I assume?) then I would seek out an ENT specialist and get a second opinion.

Now WebMD isn’t the best resource for information, but they do list several types of treatments and they might be worth discussing with your ENT.

My daughter has had two surgeries on her ears due to sever ear infections, so I completely understand your urge to get this taken care of. I highly suggest you get an appointment with a specialist ASAP. If you are already seeing one, then find another and get a second opinion.

Best of luck to you!


It is a life long condition, However it is very common for it to go or get better on it’s own. It’s more common for it to go with time if it was caused by a virus or infection i believe. (If it is tinnitus)


I had a lingering ear infection several years ago that caused one of my ears to “pop” several times per minute. It lasted for about 2 months and my doctor said it was probably a minor infection that was in one of the eustachian tubes that connects the ear to the back of your throat. It finally went away on its own and everything was back to normal. I don’t know how long you have been having symptoms but I would get an appointment with an ENT doctor if its bothering you that much.


I wish I could give advice but the university of google only creates panic, just ask your doctor and see what he says. Best of luck