Timing of lighning strike dodges?


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I personally struggle with dodging lightning strikes, especially because many krakens like to start it behind you, if you miss the sound cue of it beginning it throws your timing off. Can anybody help with this? How late can you begin that double jetpack strafe?


Right now it is bugged so it’s pretty tough. I wait till the Kraken does thins thing with his tentacles, I don’t know how to describe it, that’s when you dash.


I usually dodge towards kraken, I wait a few moments as well its hard to explain. Half of it is just instinct.


I only use one jetpack dodge after the micro patch as well. Its a bit easier to dodge but it still needs some tuning.


I think if they changed his aerial melee so it did the damage it does but no longer stopped revive that would be a great start to balancing him.


They increased his aerial attack speed cause Lazarus was getting free revives against him cause his aerial attack was too slow.


When he curls his “wings” together as the bolt is nearing full strength?


I tend to wait until he targets me, start going one direction (he follows) then dodge a new direction counter to his current direction. I have good luck with it as it’s not fantastically responsive (but faster than it should be).


I burst under him, makes it hard to aim.


That’s unfair though. If he wants to deny a Laz he should have to either use his abilities or come down for regular melees.


That was what I said when they first changed it.


Truth be told it can be really hard to dodge online, because of the lag, who’s host and all that jazz.

As far as timing goes, I wouldn’t try to dodge a lighting strike with just one burst of jetpack because of the lag and radius of the strike.

How to dodge it? As some people have mentioned going towards the Kraken is your best bet. If you cant do that, try to get some visual obscurity in between you and the Kraken (A tree, a house, a rock, anything)

Conserve Jetpack! I dont use my fuel against a Kraken except to dodge lighting strike and vortex. I shoot mines, strife normal attacks, and jetpack everything else. This will insure you dont get caught with your pants down with empty or one bar of jetpack.

Save your jetpack for the lighting strike and vortex (Because vortex can combo into lighting strike). 3 bursts of jetpack always works to evade the strike


Perhaps thats what I mean


I agree with that completely… It is ridiculous to Laz players. Spam melee in flight to stop the character from doing literally anything makes no sense.


I agree how exactly is that fair? As any other monster I have to camp the body and draw him out relatively close to the other hunters. With kraken I just shoot repeatedly from a distance until Lazarus’s cloak runs out then target him.


Maybe if the “Splash damages” of its aerial melee didn’t stop revives, it’d be better ?

Still no problem for skilled player ; less trouble for most of pub games…
That’s the way I like to see Evolve patches get close to…


Kraken can avoid a hell of a lot of damage by flying far off and spamming air melee. Not even hard.


Oh you don’t even know the half of it, @plaff is so hard to damage he’s the best kraken player I know.


Omg it’s Aramet the slippery Hank!


I’m in Aus and most of my games are vs Americans, with 2-1 bar ping even if I’m in melee range spamming attacks he can still get it because the delay and how quick he can do it makes an ample gap. Laz is just so annoying for me.